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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 16:47

AK Party Congress was held Arguvan County

AK Party Congress was held Arguvan County
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5. Arguvan AK Party District President was re-elected to the presidency Might Sword Ordinary Congress .

Malatya news: Photo Arguvan County AK Party Congress was held in a social facilities in the district . Congress AK Party Malatya deputy Mustafa Sahin, Jamal Ali and Omar Faruk Oz, Yazihan Mayor Nevzat Ozturk, AK Party Provincial Chairman Bülent tüfenkçileri , the AK Party, joined the district presidents and party executives. Photo Re-elected to the district president Might Sword, for party said they would make every effort in its power . also
AK Party Malatya deputy Ömer Faruk Oz, 50 years in Turkey , 60 years , 70 years of service that made more than 12 years of AK Party said that done during his reign \"What we want is if the investment's increase access , service's increase my but individual rights and we need to make a lot about freedom . first, human dignity, dignity , honor and dignity of our acceptance of his identity, and we need to to her honor , that it has initiated the AK Party, the Brotherhood and the National Union for the project , \"he said .
AK Party Malatya Deputy Mustafa Şahin also said, \"This land is what our little one , nor all of us \", saying \"We are all God has been gracious enough for us. Brotherhood is one of the most beautiful heritage that our ancestors left us , especially in this land . No one's sect , all we're embracing each other in the relationship between people , regardless of identity , \"he said .
Speaking at the Congress AK Party Provincial Chairman Bülent tüfenkçileri also said:\"To serve our country , we do politics to produce work . To destroy one , dealing to burn , we work to produce , to build , to make way , we try to make the hospital , we do politics . Our interlocutor in the solution process is completely Kurdish people. Kurdish AK Party government of the point of granting of rights in the buff people will take then steps as so far , continues to take . \"Photo Bitter Sword formed under the chairmanship of AK Party Arguvan County Board of Hacı Bayram not say, Erhan Kaan İpşiroğlu , Bektas Lightning, Ramadan is Dalhanç , Hussein Salman, Turkey's Mehmet Ali , Hamid Unsal, Abdullah Celik, Fevzi Akinci, Fatma Balkans , Ercan Murat , Aysegul Yilmaz, Korkmaz Hanif and Mary Toptaş selected.

AK Party Congress was held Arguvan County" comments for.


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