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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:21

AK Party Consultation and Evaluation Meeting

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Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, said both national and EC is a universal movement party.

Afyonkarahisar news: Photo 23. Consultation and Evaluation Meeting of the AK Party , started Gural Afyon Hotel. Davutoglu made ​​the opening speech of the meeting , Gandhi and Martin said that Luter King left a deep trace in the history of the firm stance , \"Without Martin Luter King Obama could not be president right now the United States. We AK Party , neferleriyiz of walking . Hz . Abraham Mandela'or so we will continue our case keeping in mind all the heroes. the staff will go traitors of the inside of human dignity . the AK Party is not a party established in cyclical conditions. AK Party will not be a party to enter into crisis in cyclical conditions. our movement, restoration , construction , revive the movement . heritage of Walking the is the party which has taken over . Our net defend our ideals. it is human . We started off way to give the right to a place in time in the human . Ak party movement is as much a national movement , but is a universal nature movement to create messages anywhere in the world . National is and will be one of the movement that combines universal our movement . the AK Party is a universal movement both national . AK Party is not a party in any new build process has shown that an ordinary action. They expect that you enter the AK Party, turbulence , but never did they want . After not issued a memorandum to anyone. There was a standing AK Party as a rock across the last memorandum , \"he said . Photo presidency of the national will to defend the AK Party upon representation by an inside of the staff pointed out that the closure case against the AK Party opened Davutoglu,\"New Constitution to discuss the walking these efforts while in closure case opened. Root kurutal I said . Whereas bra unaware , is it possible drying of the root of the nation ? \"He said. Noting that engaged the international powers to punish honorable stance in Photo Davos Davutoglu,\"all drives in the trip was made ​​, acted international forces but with no results . Looking more religious than secular events can not take it expects 17-25 December initiatives such as they activate . We also resisted him . Replied to these folks think. Small fire were grazed outside our movement , \"he said .

AK Party Consultation and Evaluation Meeting" comments for.


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