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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:39

AK Party Consultation and Evaluation Meeting

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Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, said that the AK Party closure case opened asked to dried root , which he said is not possible to dry the roots of the nation.

Afyonkarahisar news: Davutoglu said the AK Party is both a national and global movement .
AK Party 23. Consultation and Evaluation Meeting, Gural began in Afyon Hotel. Davutoglu made ​​the opening speech of the meeting , Gandhi and Martin said that Luter King left a deep trace in the history of the firm stance , \"Without Martin Luter King Obama could not be president right now the United States. We AK Party , neferleriyiz of walking . Hz . Abraham Mandela'or so we will continue our case keeping in mind all the heroes. will come who betrayed from within dignity of this team. the AK Party is not a party established in cyclical conditions. AK Party will not be a party to enter into crisis in cyclical conditions. across the devastating every political movement in Turkey we will be repairing agent . our movement, restoration , building, enliven the action. Walking is a party that has taken its heritage . our net defend our ideals. it is human .
we go with when the human in question until the end of his value. We have ways to give the right in the man's place in time we left. the AK Party movement, national , native, is a unique movement but movement is a universal quality that can deliver messages anywhere in the world . Which will be one of national and universal movement that combines our movement . AK Party is a universal movement both national . AK Party is not a party in any new build process has shown that an ordinary action. We listen to those who criticize us , in Davos , we are the voice of history , we will listen to the voice of humanity . But the historical reality in no time we will not be ignored. They expect that you enter the AK Party, turbulence , but never did they want . The members of the AK Party they pursue political fortune in conflict with each other, he waited but did not, \"he said. Photo presidency of the national will to defend the AK Party upon representation by an inside of the staff pointed out that opening the case to shut down the AK Party Davutoglu, \"What they did in previous periods. Before founding president forbade our politics in general . Leader of a movement that is banned from party politics was dominated by the Parliament with a very high success in Turkey. With Republican rallies are no other way to describe the republic with the name set to pull in 2004-05 stood democracies. 2007-A memorandum is the last of the memorandum . After that, no one can give memorandum . But there were standing like a rock in the face of their power . New Constitution to discuss these efforts are walking inside the closure case was opened. Root kurutal I said . However, unaware bra , is it possible drying of the root of the nation ? Meander your subordinates ,could you stop ? You can not stop ! What power can stop us. We are walking the path of incoming this soil in Khorasan dervishes , \"he said . Engaged in the international power Noting that Davutoglu to punish honorable stance in Photo Davos, \"Our party kapatılamayın by this time was conducted major campaigns in the international arena . Said axis shifting to punish our honorable stance in Davos. It was finally claimed supporting international terrorism. They look that can not be stopped through bureaucratic tutelage . This time the 2013 Travel events and street violence animating , whoever is against us, we are the defenders of freedom to make their meetings and demonstrations , but Trips Events excuse was applied to all forms of violence in the start of the show , was applied to all kinds of social provocation . Are inserted into the social chaos like Turkey Egypt was requested. International forces moved but did not get any results. Looking more religious than secular events can not take it expects 17-25 December initiatives such as they activate . We also resisted him . Replied to these folks think. Our movement apart from a small fire were stripped , \"he said . Photo Davutoglu, said that the CHP who resigned Emine Country Tarhan put its signature under the letter of resignation , \"Power without hope , the party is irresponsible calls to say it is a CHP criticism , \"he said . Photo hdp'n assessing the streets calling Obama, \"HDPE , very young children took to the streets to sabotage the settlement process. Yesterday respect the meeting and told them walk right, but certainly we do not allow violence and chaos . Those who can not wave the flag everywhere in Turkey Turkish national's talk about it together. AK Party government will take in the dustbin of history a parallel approach , \"he said .

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