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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:03

AK Party Coordinator to visit from the Gölbasi

AK Party Coordinator to visit from the Gölbasi
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Gölbasi district of Adiyaman AK Party Adana Deputy Coordinator and also Fatos Gurkan, the AK Party District President Gölbasi found by visiting the exchange of views .

Adıyaman news:
AK Party Gölbaşı chaired the meeting held AK Party Adiyaman Province President Ibrahim Firat, AK Party Adiyaman deputy Salih Euphrates , the AK Party Adana Deputy Fatos Gurkan, the AK Party Gölbasi District Chairman Nizami Yance the Gölbasi Mayor Yusuf Özdemir , town mayors county organization and joined the AK Party . Yancar Nizami District Chairman of the meeting began with an opening speech . Nizami Flammable his speech held in the meeting's objective \"next month convention to be held because of our towns arriving in Adana our parliamentarians and provincial coordinator and deputy Our Salih Euphrates Province president Abraham Euphrates and district organizations together with our ideas exchanged ,\"he said .
Later, speaking AK party Adiyaman Province President Abraham Euphrates, \"Adana deputy our Fatos Gurkan with this year's convention because of the district organization of our consultation we wanted to make the purpose of our visit in teşkilatlarımızla consultations is to do ,\"he said .
Gölbasi Mayor Yusuf Özdemir, in his speech , \"We Gölbaşı as we do and we will do the investment and our services support are waiting for and also the state of the hospital situation at known to our people need services in the best way for us to make necessary application of a moment before the implementation hapy \"he said.

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