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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 18:06

AK Party delegates were determined in Kütahya

AK Party delegates were determined in Kütahya
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AK Party Kütahya Province and District Teşkilatları , the 5th Ordinary Congress delegates were to vote .

Kütahya news:
Municipal Registry Office Hall, the central district election of delegates to the Regional Coordinator deputy AK Party Afyonkarahisar deputy Halil product , the AK Party provincial chairman Isaac, Ghazals , Central District President Sebahattin Ceyhan , the AK Party Kütahya Province Women's Wing President Ceyda Çetiner who and joined the party .
Kütahya center , as well as 12 districts at the same time delegate election was called.
total of 19 thousand 600 members finds Kütahya central AK Party City Organization members voting , 400 delegates were determined.
AK Party Kütahya Province President Isaac Ghazals , delegates lawn members of the intense interest them very happy , he said.
Ghazals , parties where every election improve your game and citizens gaining trust and respect , he said .
elections, democracy holiday mood indicating that the AK Party Central district Chairman Sebahattin Ceyhan , \"The AK Party has entered all elections since the establishment of our great success Taking its name in Turkish political history has been written in golden letters . Our people, the strength of the consciousness in every area itself ambitious goals put , the great leader and his strong team this goal by reaching out to our country ages atlatmıştır.2023 , 2053 and 2071 targets are achieved by the new Turkey become a global power and future of world politics is an important actor will be . Of course, all the organizations in achieving the goals of local efforts and work is very important . We are in the process of congress and even stronger organization restructuring is the process of giving direction to the future . We thank our members for their keen participation , the newly elected my friends I wish you success , \"he said. (EFA)


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