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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 10:09

AK Party deputy Bart Yılmaz Tunç:

AK Party deputy Bart Yılmaz Tunç:
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AK Party Deputy Bart Yılmaz Tunç,"Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AK Party Group meeting as mayor candidate Dr. Bart.

Bartın news: The AK Party, Bart's deputy Yılmaz Tunç,"Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the AK Party Group meeting Bart Mayor candidate as Dr. Seyfettin Tin explained. Candidate for mayor of our DR. Seyfettin with tin Bart will win. Bartın'ı good for our get lucky"said.
Tin's candidacy in a statement on Deputy Bronze,"March 30, 2014 Bartin an important turning point will be. Bartin, the central government as well as local also miss the magnificent monuments and projects will have. We Bartin We love. Dr.. Seyfettin Tin Bartin has trained a visionary Bart's son. Hometown our Bartin AK Party's central government in the sense imparted giant investment Municipal area will be realized in spectacular projects will also provide the thrill of being we are in. AK Party government, Turkey a chance to meet these opportunity now Bartin municipality also reviews the exact time. Barter every aspect of the development of a suitable city. Bartin to this day, unfortunately, the most basic municipal troubleshoot the lack of regret, Bartin, a college town you want to do but lie ahead most of priority issues, even unsolved be a great handicap, these days Bartin still sewage and wastewater problems there, drinking water problem there, the traffic problems there, zoning and town planning in the area are having problems. AK Party government in Bartin 1.5 billion pounds, exceeding public investment continue our While the Central Council's notable projects implemented can not see. For that reason, the next elections Bart's a historic opportunity as we see. Bartin soon how to develop, flourish, that Bartınlı hemşehrilerimizin to live in dignity and pride that make a city how come we will see together. Municipal candidate for President of our dr.seyfet did with tin Bart will win. Bartin born, growing in and of itself optimally trained after a long time as chief doctor served in Bartin hearts of everyone winning mayoral candidate Mr. DR. Seyfettin Tin, this time that aspire Municipality Bart's in service with the support of the people and fabulous service teşkilatımızın undersigned strongly believe that,"he said.

AK Party deputy Bart Yılmaz Tunç:" comments for.


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