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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 19:44

AK Party Deputy Chairman Day Message from Cali

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AK Party Deputy Chairman and Malatya Deputy Çalık sweetly , Eid message was issued because of the \"Feast of the social life separate while adding beauty and wealth , embrace , and interlocking days for our nation ,\"he said .

Malatya news:
Calik stated the following message said:\"Holidays , brotherhood , peace, peace, prayer, and the status of the force free equalize the highest level felt in the days. poor and homeless of helpless , weak and dart decked closer to the opportunity for the days the holidays, social life separate a beauty and richness while adding our nation to embrace and docking are the days . We as a nation , neighbor fasting satiated sleep accept a civilization as children this year to reach the joy that we live Eid powerless in power , desperate remedy should be. this framework of unity and solidarity in our country will carry forward the fraternity should take charge of this road perseverance and determination must walk .'s Day joy from their homes , from their homes , their lands had to leave , leaving our country Syrians took refuge our brothers also withhold up a salute with a smile even on their sides should be. these thoughts all of our citizens and of the Islamic world again congratulate the blessed Eid , peaceful , tranquility you to a feast full of hope from God . \"

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