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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 13:42

AK Party Deputy Chairman Huseyin Celik Diyarbakir

AK Party Deputy Chairman Huseyin Celik Diyarbakir
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Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Chairman and Party spokesman Huseyin Celik, talk like nobody's Moses , stated that the right to do acts like Pharaoh , stressing that he would come remarks of democracy and brotherhood .

Diyarbakır news: AK Party's record will never be a party disrupts the process of steel, was installed on hdp'y out Kopani events.
AK Party Deputy Chairman and Party spokesman Huseyin Celik, came to Diyarbakir to attend the Ergani District Organization Congress party . Before a press conference Ergani governing AK Party Diyarbakır building steel, found in recent developments and evaluation of the process . Kopani events over hdp'y loaded Steel , his political rival in the region, said they see a good-faith approach. District explaining that continue to be exploited the misery of the human Steel, said:Photo \"has shown great efforts to remain miserable . Kopani incidents of vandalism occurred on the pretext he saw all of Diyarbakir . I Vanlıy , all Van saw it.'We call your democratic right to exit to the street we also did not say show violence'they say. Everyone needs to not lose and eye know that . If you open the floodgates to you in an uncontrolled way that you have no right to say complaining why are we doing damage. If you make this complaint means you saves you registered your own ahmaklığı . you masses street You pour , you will encourage them and you will them agitated , and then'We're not responsible for what they do \"you say. it do not say . the lining of your car is a disaster pressing robust if the gas. You will give the community the gas , then the bank from the front of the trades and will destroy the workplace industrialists , will enter the blood of innocent people , and will cause harm to innocent people'We're not responsible for it \"you say. Peace at your every word you say , you say democracy , brotherhood you say. They would not talk with . Have a nice proverb says ,'Honey , honey in the mouth but do not sweeten . Honey will not eat honey before eating . Remarks will not honey . Remarks will not sweetness. \"Photo \" KOBANİLİ the open arms we \"Photo Kobani'yi Referring Steel , the world's most brutal voiced a sense of wanting to die Kurds Kobani'de . Stating that they do not want to die of any human steel, \"now shoots Assad in Aleppo . You go to the rescue of the Turkish army said there's Aleppo ?'You are entering the Army here ,'they say . So what do you want us to get into . 150 thousand Kobanil was based on our door. Deaths human nose is the nose language , religion , regardless of sect Republic of Turkey must open its borders and opened it. We feed them three meals to overcome . Our state pushed them to the bosom. If improvements are made as to what was humane. Considering the situation in Kobani'yi Where do they get the dial right to hell their own home. \"Photo \" OTHER PARTY for LIFE RIGHT do not KNOW \"is a Photo Fethiye download the hdp'n signage and party spokesman Show the violent reaction of the title is reminiscent of Steel, \"every political party in Turkey should do politics the way he wants in this country's 81 provinces . HDPE Fethiye go in , should do politics in Yozgat, the MHP must make politics in Diyarbakir . MHP fikriyatına the people here are not obliged to attend . You do not vote . Fethiye hdp'n does not want to join the movement . But he has not impeding the right to be there that's when peace comes . You do not know where the other political parties the right to life . PKK pulling our party one by one ,'up and join us there,'they say. Do you like this happens in politics? Democratic politics, pluralism , is that it respects the rights of the people and existence ? If we really want peace and brotherhood , let's start with ourselves before we want a climate that is tolerate differences . Nobody's talking like Moses , has no right to do acts like Pharaoh , \"he said .
\"90 \" in DEEP STATE that DO NOW PKK DO \"Any racism of Photo Party , sectarianism and the beginning of regionalism also noted that since trample Steel, \"will continue to take Thereafter . Whoever put their bad faith to love our people are put , embrace , we will continue to work for the creation of peace and tolerance . There is a choice soon. Whether racing in peace. Do not threaten armed people . In the 90s he was doing with the PKK, deep state gunpoint doing now . DEP in the 90s , HEP , had parties such as HADEP and DEHAP cognate . This party members and managers, \"deep state income embodiments of damage ,\"he would say that they are members of the party. Now some people using the floor democratic environment and the law created by the AK Party do not recognize the right to life to the AK Party , \"he said .
\" PARTY WILL NOT DO THE PROCESS DESTROYING THE PARTIES \"Photo with all faults , all wrong , hdp'n's irresponsible approach and despite the brutality exhibited in the streets on 6-7 October they will do their best to continue the solution process and stressed that they will continue to make steel , \"I want to speak to anyone who needs to worry about this issue here. Disrupt and sabotage the party that it will never be the AK Party , \"he said .
Steel , Erkin moved to the new town after the speech .

AK Party Deputy Chairman Huseyin Celik Diyarbakir" comments for.


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