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  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 15:33

AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin:

AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin:
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AK Party Karabük deputy and Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin , the AK Party life of power , who served until the ruling , saying that 16 months, \"the IMF said Turkey governed by the borrower and the IMF now began managing the IMF ,\"he said .

Karabük news: of the Photo Party Safranbolu district organizations 5. participating in the Ordinary Congress Falcon, is a new era for Turkey of November 3, 2002 election and said that the start of the period of the new build Turkey .
IMF DEN DUE TO AREAS TURKEY NOW IMF < strong> A MANAGING STARTED Photo from the moment they came to power new Turkey explaining that they were on the inside activities to build the Falcon, \"Now we are running into 2023 with new vigor . Therefore, new Turkey ibaraki is not new. the construction began with the coming to power of the AK Party is operating . There are the old as the new statement said. Former Turkey is a Turkey that pushed almost to the unresolved problems of political instability within . Old Turkey unstable , the new Turkey is stable Turkey. the AK Party government Turkey and years later came the economic stability that followed caught the political stability. especially before 2002 was lost when the Türiky with net own internal strife of the coalition government in 10 years, the development and did not receive the services expected in terms of development. Until the ruling AK Party in Turkey, the average life of 16 months. So come until 2002 when the government falls when you divide 16 months . Before the AK Party came to power, they served only 16 months in Turkey for oil and this time is no problem unresolved. AK Party government debt rescued from Turkey showed a performance that really paved the way in every area of Turkey. We pay off the debt with the IMF last year , now borrowing from the IMF Turkey began to take part in the management of the IMF . Treasury Undersecretary Ibrahim Çanakçı as Executive Director of the IMF mission began last week . Managed by borrowing from the IMF and the IMF Turkey, now began managing the IMF. Here is the new Turkey's what , \"he said . Photo ISRAEL'< strong> IN GAME Photo Israeli soldiers Masjid-i Touching on the evening edition Falcon,\"the Israeli military , which is our first Qibla and Mecca as important as it entered the sanctuary with boots . He stepped over the altar with boots . According to information provided by the news source Quran on the ground . Of course we react . Our President , Prime Minister , all political parties have criticized , condemned , protest Israel's behavior. Yes we will , but we will look at ourselves as a Muslim said . Do not blame our ?. 90 percent of the murderer of Muslims who lost their lives in the world again with another person claiming to be Muslims or Muslims. Such a table across Israel that we entered our first Qibla Al-Aqsa Mosque to have done what I said a little while ago . 1.5 billion no responsibility for the Islamic world did not blame ? For God's sake . If you deal with each other , and you only wrapped in each other's throat makes them man . They should be criticized , let's protest Israel in recent days in the most severe way, but it shows how arrogance . The UN Security Council regarding the recognition of the Palestinian state will be voting in December. Sweden now recognized Palestine as a state. France, Ireland, Croatia and a significant part of the EU countries that recognize Palestine as a state of preparedness . Israel Palestinian youths bulunarak very cunning way of action is unacceptable in this strange world is waiting for the action to make public. Before voting in the Security Council in December of that country by mixing their heads'that you will recognize the Palestinian state , but these terrorists'to say. This may be a game of Israel. Give your response within legitimate limits. Countries with mainly Muslim people of Turkey will also give managers reactions. What will the UN before use if you have such rights and law and , if necessary , the UN General Assembly will be invited to meet the extraordinary , to discuss these issues. Israel, Palestine got to give him some arguments will just use terms of display cheesy , \"he said .
SCENARIO NEW LINE CREATING The strength of the most obvious characteristic of a Photo of Western civilization , the interests , the majority of rights reason counting , is strong'I am,'is also be talking about the Falcon, had come for oil in Iraq in the past the United States, now the same scenario of Kopani ( Ayn al-Arab ) stating that the play , \"Northern Iraq Under an agreement with the Kurdish Regional Government there oil is collected in the People's Bank of money as we market to the world and get out of Turkey . There are those who are uncomfortable with this situation . An operation aimed at targets to market by opening a corridor to the Mediterranean through that oil to Syria, \"said in her . Also
Congress , the AK Party Düzce deputy Osman Cakir, the AK Party Karabük deputy Osman Kahveci, Development Deputy Minister Mehmet Ceylan, Safranbolu Mayor Necdet Aksoy, Chairman of AK Party Karabük Timurç Say and Karabük TSO President Sadat Namal as well as participated in numerous party . available in the elections to go with a single list of president Ahmed Sun was re-elected president reaffirmed confidence .

AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin:" comments for.


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