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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 19:16

AK Party Deputy Chairman Nurettin Edible Usak

AK Party Deputy Chairman Nurettin Edible Usak
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AK Party Deputy Chairman Nurettin Vegetable , said the CHP's Kurdish party in Turkey is most disturbing .

Uşak news: Photo AK Party Deputy Chairman and Istanbul deputy Nurettin Edible came to Usak to a number of investigations and visits .
his first visit in Usak, also Usak Governor school friend Nurettin perform the Great Wall is Yavuz Vegetable and then moved to the Governor's visit Usak Municipality . Nurettin Vegetable here and got information about the city of Usak Mayor Nurullah Cahaya .
Finally, the AK Party Nurettin transmitted by Usak Province Organization vegetable, here said in a statement , said the settlement process will continue with determination, \"HDPE and the CHP is disturbed single issues , our Kurdish brothers is also adopting the AK Party. to create lately requested This is the main reason for the artificial agenda and chaos , \"he said .
AK Party Deputy Chairman Nurettin vegetable, Kırıklarel visited Usak with Deputy Senol Gursken . First Governor of Usak Yavuz'l authority is of the opinion that the Great Wall , Deputy Chairman Nurettin Vegetable , Istanbul Provincial Organization of the AK Party , met with then contact the Municipality . AK Party Basra Provincial Chairman Yıldırım, a visit to the Mayor and Deputy Mehmet Altay ready Nurullah Cahan found, gave a speech to party members Nurettin Vegetable , noted that the new Turkey caused by stable politics. Speaking at the CHP and Nurettin criticizing hdp'y vegetable, \"We stand behind the solution process . He was martyred citizens close to 40 thousand in this country and murdered . Baby , Dad said before , began to say his grandfather. Our lungs are always burned and continued his life hoping to come back in a mother son. Billions pounds has been spent for this purpose, one side of the country was seen as constantly the other. in due course , we have implemented the national unity and brotherhood project. Then in stepped the solution process. to be created in the past 6 and 7 October desired chaos , spilled onto the brotherhood is like gasoline. East and who lost their dominance in the Southeastern Anatolia HDPE , for the deterioration of the captured fraternity environment did its utmost . I poured People on the street and the CHP was also support it. Because these parties have resorted to this type of game because it lost ground every day , \"he said .
< strong> dISTURB tHE KURDISH from CHP Dr AK Party Photo Nurettin indicating that all ethnic backgrounds and abiding faith in Turkey, Edible , \"our Kurdish brothers in Turkey, the CHP party which was most uncomfortable. CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, although it did not ask for the account of the massacre in Dersim, Tunceli . For many years in this country , people could say that they are Kurdish and Alevi . Now everyone is out to television , I can say I'm Kurdish or Alevi . Kurdish is not ashamed because nobody , nobody discomfort for being Muslim or Flame . Now the solution process continues with determination and a guiding Turkey and even to government policy at the UN. Now that respects the beliefs and have a will to resist all kinds of tutelage . Most importantly, the government and the people next to the ruling . Nobody Sorry , safe and nation's survival of the firm hands , \"he said .
OUR fag THE LIFE OF 1 YEAR Photo AK Party Usak and the congress period in all organizations in Turkey Nurettin voicing enter Edible , said:\"our Party congress as if no air at all . Because we are always ready to elections and congresses. We come between us wrong people and their life is just one convention . The CHP congress account started 1 year previously . Whose head at how they are planning to chair. The AK Party's seat, the next period, better manages to turn me in the struggle experienced. \"Photo UŞAK MAYOR been THINK AFTER 100 YEARS Photo Usak Mayor Nurullah Cahaya in his office during his visit he gets information about city Park project and emphasized that it will be important for 100 years. Nurettin vegetable, \"2023 , 2053 and 2071 year to about targets put the AK Party from the Mayor Nurullah Cahen also decided to have a project life thinking about the future . Urban park project is 200 thousand people a lot of work to Usak . But for the next 100 years is a serious investment . Mr. Mayor not today , thinking their grandchildren and future of this city are struggling for such a project, \"he said .
BASRİ LIGHTNING: MHP and CHP < strong> Yi AGING to wE WILL CONTINUE Photo on the other hand, the AK Party provincial chairman of Basra Lightning also gave information on the conference calendar. 15 and between 16 November 2014, Banaz , Sivas , the General Assembly will be held in Ulubey and Karahallı county organization Basri tells Lightning, \"on November 22 at Esmee and we will do our congress on 23 November in Central district . After completing all of our congressional districts December 7, Sunday, 2014 , finishing the day in our provincial congress , we will go with our flow quite understand the process. Our second major output from the Organization for election in the last 8 months. We won back the mayor Usak we lost the presidential elections in 2009 and have made a serious explosion vote . To work as an organization , we will continue to age the CHP and MHP , \"he said . After the speeches , the AK Party Deputy Chairman Nurettin Vegetable and Kırıklarel Deputy Senol Gursken left the city .

AK Party Deputy Chairman Nurettin Edible Usak" comments for.


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