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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 16:18

AK Party Deputy Chairman Salih Kapusuz:

AK Party Deputy Chairman Salih Kapusuz:
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AK Party Deputy Chairman Salih Kapusuz , midnight in Kirşehir safety and the operation was to evaluate the massacre in Gaza .

Kırşehir news: AK Party Deputy Chairman Salih Kapusuz , Kirşehir safety midnight the operation in the Gaza Strip carnage evaluated.
\"Turkey is a constitutional state . Us at our knowledge , the prosecutor's office said in the axis ,\"Kapusuz says , he continued as follows:
\"Law as required by the offender has been identified as suspects on the operation is done. course is very new for the claims and in the hand of what we do not know . a little patience will . Certainly the laws we need everyone crimes until proven guilty , but the law as a requirement to do research , make inquiries and also in a fixed manner in order to work some steps are being taken . this topic wait a little bit if you we are also going to learn . \"
\" TURKEY NEW TURKEY 'Dr, not to be forgotten \"< br/> Kapusuz , Tectonophysics , told reporters during a visit to Turkey'new Turkey'was underlined that it is . Kapusuz , \"Turkey is new is Turkey. Rights and the law respecting , rights and the law , except for acts of offenders of course the penalty will be. These issues as months. General public debate going , but findings document what , do not know him , and we are judicial authorities're not . judicial we will do what we will see . general public all these issues have enough knowledge will be provided. My Turkey a better case will go to a nicer Turkey would be my faith is full . past mistakes will not be . rights law by violating some mistakes to be made given the opportunity that now we do not want . it will do the necessary work for our government , \"he said.
\" people so inhuman MI ? \"
in front of the world , indicating that people were massacred in Gaza , Kapusuz \"People brutally massacred . this is also a state of terror in the world before the eyes is done. Turkey as the conscience of society , the right of law as the voice of the world warning to send the world to lift up trying . Even the United Nations remains silent . Democracy , human , leave the name of freedom barbecued ash America , France, Germany, Great Britain almost Aquifer with the language ,'I have stayed single female monster'These massacres are to be supported by remaining silent . This is something to be ashamed of the name of humanity . I would express regret that humanity is dead ? Do people so inhuman ? Israel has shed his blood and that this persecution will pay the price sooner or later . For a better life for the people there as Turkey, are doing whatever needs to be done . As a nation anywhere in Turkey it's wrong to put a stop to efforts are being made , \"he said .
Roof candidate Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu of the Prime Minister , referring to \"the problem solved in this way is not \"reproach responsive to Salih Kapusuz ,\"Solutions like those solutions put forward are required . What needs to be done , Turkey's everything about the United Nations , the Islamic countries , including the now Islamic countries instead of saying where Muslims lived geography mean more appropriate , as Turkey humanitarian aid ingenuity with our government all their efforts reveals , \"he said . < Br/> Kapusuz Kýrþehir to visit Kýrþehir Municipality and continued with the AK Party organization .

AK Party Deputy Chairman Salih Kapusuz:" comments for.


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