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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:16

AK Party Deputy Chairman Şentop:

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AK Party Deputy Chairman Mustafa Şentop , told the Kurds that the AK Party, the largest party .

İstanbul news: Photo Şentop TGRT The report, made ​​statements on the agenda. Şentop new era in the High Council \"not the majority , pluralism has occurred ,\"he evaluates . Mustafa Şentop , while Kopani issue just said it was a political fiction. Photo Şentop , state government, explaining that the old Turkey as a model that separates the understanding of each other , \"There is a symbolic meaning of the red book issue. More old state and government from each other in Turkey separating an understanding , an approach was said . a government elected on one side, who must be kept if the continuity on the other side , there was a state . But we , from 2002 and we made arrangements since , together with the political attitudes and , in fact, state government we combine them . that state agency to administer the government is elected . also if the amendment implements the new government is elected , but in power as long as the government manages the state apparatus , his speaking on behalf of , is of order political conducting business and operations. There is an integrity in question essentially . We make this point in the understanding of Turkey , but about parallel structure 17 and the ongoing struggle since 25 December , especially in this environment of near vision and organization explaining the basic thesis of some channels broadcasting ; \"The AK Party government there, but state different \"shape. This old Turkey's ayrıştırmac habits , they want to maintain it, \"the assessment found .
\" RED BOOK GOVERNMENT THREAT is a SYMBOL \"Photo parallel liquidation work'Şentop review to be included in the red book, sensitivity to parallel structure , fighting determination and enthusiasm expressed only the AK Party in general, and not a matter of the government. Unfortunately, the opposition perceives that the government and the AK Party as a private . the National Security Council , the constitutional as organ , Turkey's interior and is the authorized body concerned with external security issues. to be on the agenda herewith the issues related to parallel structures of government and the AK Party is not the issue , but also an indication that the issue of the state as a whole. the red book , in fact, symbolically expresses this sense. had not incurred the red book struggle with parallel structure would also hitch. this is a'state of threat as'proof is to take the red book that seen ... is a matter altogether of this state is the problem , \"he said .
\" PARALLEL sTRUCTURE nOT cIVIL jUNTA 'Photo'is not a parallel structure , this is a civilian junta'Mustafa Şentop uses the phrase , \"For example, May 27 ... In fact, direct Turkish Armed Forces's not the intervention. Is a junta nested within the military intervention . TSK has a unique hierarchical structure. Chief of staff , and they will have the force commanders , receivables taking decisions with a certain hierarchy . However, the May 27 coup makers, the colonel consisted of officers and lower level . One, took place at two brigadier general . Then retired Army Commander Cemal Gursel is also the head of business they bring . So the Turkish Armed Forces formed a separate structure within the corporate structure. There is also a similar kind of junta members , illegal construction within the state, the civil bureaucracy are civil junta . The state is obliged to eliminate it , otherwise it becomes inoperable , \"he said .
\" December 17 IN THE PAST AND IN THE WORLD NO precedent \"Photo Şentop world noting that all of the opinion that the impact of international contacts , for December 17 coup attempt , said:\"this is some circumstantial evidence and documents emerged. MIT event and listen to what's happening with public opinion had been slightly acquainted ; but after December 17, and we have seen how the process was faced with a serious threat . Past impacts, also deported support gorse , even if internationally accepted g, but never realized to make the others blow contract in Turkey. The coup that has never attempted to make a contract of other international organizations. 17 and 25 December coup attempts, and a different picture of the impact of all past examples in the world . Interfere with the will of the people desire to make the contract of an international project in Turkey has entered into a junta circuit . All of these listening , collected information, documents and records still exist issues where he served . \"Photo \"HCJP'< strong> MAJORITY NOT pluralism OCCURRED \"Photo in the'new era of the High Council'evaluating AK Party Deputy Chairman of AK Party not the majority, pluralistic structure occurred , \"he said and continued:\"High Council Elections for Turkey was not a matter of life and death ; but this was vital for civilian junta and parallel structures . Elections , the junta members , as requested by paralelci was sonuçlans ; Turkey has experience some troublesome situations. If a majority of the High Council , they assume they will prevent the liquidation according to them ... the opinions of different ideological and political , different lifestyles and judges from all different parts of Turkey's ethnic background and prosecutors, had serious problems related to the structure . Beyond all of the numerical calculations , who suffered parallel structure to create a pluralistic organization has for years been defeated . The majority of the AK Party does not like . Everyone obliged to act to fulfill the need of judges and prosecutors title. If you will be unable to do so should leave this profession. \"Photo \"Kurds'< strong> IN BIGGEST PARTY PARTY DIR \"Photo hdp'n the Şentop review street call and Kopani provocations , \"HDPE a does not act like a political party. HDPE , running a political party mechanisms of behavior and attitudes as we know it does not specify. They move with the instructions they receive from the outside. A political party is urging people to the streets before October 6 to 7 events after events occur , deaths, property damage and confusion tactics . Process Solutions is a chance for Turkey. In countries with terrorist problems , like how to start a Peace Process is very difficult, if not risky , it can not be shown acumen so easy . There are nearly 500 examples of academic studies on this subject and says them to us. Turkey, the only solution of the problem to begin this process very seriously, has made a very large distance . However, there is also a conceit of HDPE and accompanying ;'We have made a mücadekl government was forced to take this step'as if it were true ... It is Turkey's most fervent days of terror in said step should take . The Peace Process is a process that has begun for the AK Party. Nobody wants to take such a political risk. we are ; albeit at the expense of politics and politicians , we have acted in the interests of Turkey . 6 to 7 October Events, a good side , it was positive in terms of politicians to reveal their sincerity. Sometimes God's grace , can be stored in the pain of it. Kurds are the largest party of the AK Party. Region and usually the biggest vote , is the most powerful AK Party as a political formation \"the assessment found .
\"KOP NEW , THE POLITICAL is FICTION \"Photo \"Kopani matter of a political fiction'said Şentop \"north of Syria , northeast and northwest of the Kurdish population in areas where there is dense. But in a wide spot in the middle , where Kurds also found ; but in terms of population crowding Kopani found the place where Arabs , even Arab al the same name ; namely the Arab Region . Here's a little PLA with the support of Bashar al-Assad, a liquidated amount Arabs , Kurds and then pulled out of a different opinion . As a result, despite the Kurdish east and west campus , in the middle trying to create a separate Kurdish cantons ; at the end of a political restructuring plan to unify these three cantons. This is a political maneuver , not possible to expect Turkey to support this fiction . One of Turkey's Kobani'yi to support maintenance , HDPE descriptions of entry , understandably, is not acceptable. Will make a political designed according to yourself, you will also want everyone to support it , such a thing is not possible, \"he concluded with the statement.

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