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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 17:19

AK Party Deputy Chairman Steel:\"We are doing Fulfillment , They Have Destruction \"

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Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Chairman Hüseyin Çelik , \"expect years of Ergani people completed auctions to spend Ergani Dam project to life just when I entered in as long to begin work , the PKK came and began to threaten the contractor .

Diyarbakır news: We are doing the deeds , they are doing damage , \"he said .
AK Party Deputy Chairman Huseyin Celik , the AK Party Ergani the Presidency attended the 5th Ordinary Congress . Bekir December Religious Vocational High School in congress , as Steel held at the conference hall as the AK Party provincial chairman Aydin Altaç , district deputies and delegates attended. speaking here Steel , acts as a revolution since the day he took office the AK Party government said it launched . Government when the one they strive for the development of the country and the region , indicating that tries to prevent this steel, \"expects to complete the tender years of Ergani people to spend Ergani Dam project to life just when I would start unless entered in the works , the PKK began to threaten the contractor to come . We are doing the deeds , they are doing damage. If you continue to maintain its malicious intent who we will continue to work for the formation of our people to love and tolerance . Such talk of Moses , who acts like Moses needs . Does not need to Pharaoh . Whoever doing politics on racism and nationalism could have used the Pharaoh's language, \"he said. Has been appointed by appointment Photo 4 months ago AK Party District Chairman Şükrü Sayan, party of 5. reaffirmed confidence in the selection of destinations with a single list Ordinary Congress continued to serve with the existing management he . Sayan, \"since the day we came to office, try our best , we endeavor to do good jobs for our citizens when we returned our language. The next process , we will also try to be worthy of the best way to countenance in which we and our valued our people management party , \"he said .
BUS TERMINAL SUSPICIOUS PACKAGE ALARM Photo meantime, Ergani input Steel during the intercity bus terminal caused a suspicious bag panic left side of the road at the entrance . Ergani Intercity Bus Terminal at the entrance from Diyarbakir to the scene in case the bomb inside the bag roadside bomb squad was dispatched . controlled with detonators by bomb disposal experts under the Comprehensive security measures a clothing inside the bag exploded as output .

AK Party Deputy Chairman Steel:\"We are doing Fulfillment , They Have Destruction \"" comments for.


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