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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:40

AK Party Deputy Citizen:\"The Most Beautiful Kindness to do Organ Donation \"

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Press release due to the Organ Donor Week AK Party deputy of Manisa and Health Commissioner Dr.

Manisa news: Muzaffer Citizen, everyone is urged to be sensitive to this issue . Citizens who told a Photo Turkey every year hundreds of organ failure, died as a result , said:\"The most effective treatment of transplant organ failure. However, misconceptions and common among people unconscious applications, patients can be caused to remain facing life-threatening. 28 thousand in Turkey person needs a transplant organ to survive in a healthy way . However, today, due to the shortage of donors for organ transplants cadaver from that is performed live from not living of people lost their lives. the figures when Turkey Europe first in transmissions from the living , the situation last in cadavers. establishing the necessary public awareness about organ donation and subsequent transplant from cadaver is very important. \"Photo 23 THOUSANDS OF 529 PEOPLE BODIES WAITING Photo Turkey'There are 23 thousand 529 people also noted that the organ transplant waiting Dr. AK Party deputy of Manisa Muzaffer Citizen, said:\"Our doctors in our country carries out organ transplants with success. In recent years has been a great success in this regard but it is not still sufficient. In 2012, the organ number of transport 745 in 2002, rose to 4 thousand to 6 . Thousand in 2013 to 500 people organ transplantation as lost while waiting for his life. he made ​​304 organ donation from 298 people in 2013 . the number of transplant centers in our country has reached 111 from 44 10 years. while 307 transplants in 2002 from cadavers today has risen to the number 889 . Live the transplant 10 years ago while the 438 has today 3 thousand 117 . our goal this number will further increase and relieve all suffering. \"Photo ORGAN DISTRIBUTION OF JUSTICE aND TRANSPARENT DONE Photo Citizens , Turkey Organ and Tissue Transplant Information fairest of organ allocation under the Scheme and is done in a transparent manner , as well as all transport activities and that point becomes statistics can be monitored from the instant the system. Photo donate organs of , Citizens explaining the ministry's inspection and control , his words continued as follows:
\"became a success in patients and organ transplant survival rate is 85-96 percent in Europe , this ratio is equivalent to our country with Europe. In addition, the 2 thousand 832 land ambulance , 3 showing aircraft and 17 helicopters to operate Air Ambulance System provides support on the one hand while the other hand, the primary duty to ensure the transport of organs and transplant team . Adequate equipment for our country's organ transplant activities, we have to the experienced transplant team and transplant centers . \"Photo ORGAN DONATION CALL Photo citizens , citizens said by inviting them to be sensitive about organ donation:\"Organs a sincere charity donation is the most important to the other life . Sensitive acts are grateful to everyone . In our country, 58 thousand kidney dialysis patients being treated . We do this every year 3 thousand kidney patients to transplant. Kidney transplantation is permanent and real solution. Everyone put himself in the place of suffering . Perhaps for months , maybe years, expectant mothers in tears in the corner of the hospital , parents, offspring and healing to patients waiting hands R. We produce DR . My life's carry them . Organ donation is the biggest favor you can do to a human being human . We believe ; caused the death of all humanity is like that cause a person's death. Is as been instrumental in the salvation of all humanity is instrumental in the salvation of a person. \"Photo MANİSA'< strong> OR transplant center Citizens giving information on the organ transplant operations in Photo Manisa , it was completed as follows:\"in our city, Celal Bayar University Hospital Hafsa Sultan corneal transplants are performed in the Eye Bank , cornea transplant was performed in 2014, 6 units . The number of patients waiting for corneal transplants is 64 . Organ transplant center in the faculty work in progress for the establishment . Also, Manisa State Hospital, Eye Bank and made an application to be submitted to the ministry for opening Corneal Transplant Center. \"

AK Party Deputy Citizen:\"The Most Beautiful Kindness to do Organ Donation \"" comments for.


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