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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:53

AK Party deputy Mustafa Gökhan Gülşen Kastamonu:

AK Party deputy Mustafa Gökhan Gülşen Kastamonu:
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AK Party deputy Mustafa Gökhan Gülşen Kastamonu , freedom is not unlimited and can be limited , he said.

Kastamonu news:
Health-Sen Kastamonu Branch 4 of the Ordinary General Assembly joined the AK Party Kastamonu deputy Mustafa Gökhan Gülşen , Kastamonu in the health field made ​​great progress , said Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu with the participation of the foundation laid 400-bed new state hospital for the city great importance , he said. The hospital's foundation before the Oral and Dental Health Hospital, laid the foundation reminded that they Gülşen , \"Besides, hospital physical environments to upgrade as work started. Health in the transformation to be successful and people-oriented that people's satisfaction, enhancing indoors only be corrected not limited . Spaces What fix up if you fix it in the believers skilled and devoted not people satisfied with the service not possible . this is why we in health transformation with healthcare professionals accomplish together , \"he said .
Turkey's democracy and human rights protection under too much headway that clarifying Gülşen , the AK Party came to power as the day they since people's rights and the emancipation point successful strides said.
\"Forbidden to remove endeavor ,\"he's Gülşen , \"Big Turkey to the ideal step by step approach , freer more prosperous Turkey to catch we believe that freedom should not be restricted . However, our time, our effort was abused it . In fact, exactly what is required to cut in front mentioned the'Great Turkey'was the biggest ideals . The past in the process live to what we in 2007 the party closing time , starting with the last year in May, Travel Event with ongoing and these days Kopani events consecutively If we list all of them great in Turkey for obstructing the movements that we see . When we look across the country a great belief in Turkey that do not believe in and support and is divided into two parts . With parties who support our ideals, we will reach our goals . This will reveal a great Turkey . Only in health but in education , in transport, in every field we innovations and the steps we take with our goal will succeed , \"he said .
Of freedom is not unlimited , and that could be restricted attention Gülşen , said:\"Freedom also has a limit . Other people's freedom begins where the ends of another . Washed pretext of freedom of burn damage to the country they gave serious . We will not tolerate this scourge . Internal security reforms have raised the prime minister of this reform should be operational as soon as possible , and that damage to hurt people accountable to everyone who has expressed to us . Always ahead of us in this journey will be the people who try to cut . I would like to thank all of you for the contribution . We crossed an important threshold in the process of the past together . Turkey has an important threshold exceeded \"

AK Party deputy Mustafa Gökhan Gülşen Kastamonu:" comments for.


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