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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 15:37

AK Party Distribute Ashura

AK Party Distribute Ashura
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AK Party Women Branches Ashura event was organized by the Department because of Muharram .

Adıyaman news: Photo Democracy Park to the asure distribution program carried out in the event space Mayor Husrev Kutlu , Mufti Mehmet Ali Pure Turkish , the Provincial President Ibrahim Khalil Euphrates , the Provincial General Assembly President Saleh Shah , Central District President Abdurrahman not Die , Chairman of the Women's Branch Months Pektas, MKYK Alternate Member Mustafa Alkayış , party leaders and the party , Alevi Dede and joined the opinion leaders from various sectors of society . Photo Alevi Dede Ali Buyuksahin and Mufti Mehmet Ali Öztürkçü was distributed asure to the then invited to pray . the President Women's Wing speaking at a Photo Ashura events Months Pektas, thanking participants invited , \"I say welcome to come here all by break us up. we live in the month of Muharram of experienced Karbala incident at 10 bitterness and sadness . Unfortunately, today continues Karbala events. the events in the Middle East still hurts our hearts . the people to be strong persecution we broke our hearts to be modified . Today, representing the Adiyaman we are honored and proud to be here with everyone. This is the symbol of the brotherhood of Adiyaman city and have peace of mind . I hope the peace and tranquility of our ever deteriorate , \"he said .
Mayor Husrev Kutlu is stated that should draw lessons from the sadness of the past , \"Muharram past sadness of course subtracting days the occasion to continue the brotherhood for a better world . Centuries ago, it still continues unfortunately sad events on this day. Earth is sadly continues ; They are beside the oppressed Hak'k comes face death. Our hope is that we are together together. There are dozens of kinds of food in the Ashura . All of these fuse from each other. In our society, we could keep them together into a beautiful harmony , we can get a pretty good sound out . Adiyaman is a model city in the world . We maintain that hope in the hereafter , \"he said . The Photo Provincial President Ibrahim Khalil Euphrates , thanking the event organizer Female arms Chairman Months Pektas and his team , \"Muharram unity, solidarity, days where the brother and solidarity. We believe and hope in Adiyaman in Turkey yaşanacağına of this unity and solidarity. He would dominate Yazid's brutal persecution against the unity and solidarity of brotherhood , \"he said.


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