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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:58

AK Party Erdem Aydin Airport Gospel

AK Party Erdem Aydin Airport Gospel
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AK Party deputy Mehmet Aydin Erdem, Independent Industrialists'and Businessmen's Association ( MUSIAD) Chairman Hakan Aydin Yildirim visited in his office .

Aydın news:
Equity Subject to compliance with human sensibilities into consideration; trade, there is no obstacle that Hakan Yildirim , \"Our language is one, our hearts a . Turkey's 2023 vision, mission adopted, the world's largest 10 economies become one of the objectives to contribute to our work we are carrying out . in this regard , we Aydin as our duties the best way to make every effort . for this purpose, businessmen as our first request to the business world the great support that we believe will Kuyucak-Buharkent between the cargo transport also can be made of a breathable Works. Greenhouse and Livestock OSB areas oluşturulması.kült and Ministry of Tourism Selcuk, Pamucak'allocation removed hotels fields removal of bureaucratic obstacles to . Izmir, Aydin coming up and making stops highway in Denizli and Antalya extend and railways the Antalya mainly opium and Izmir between the cargo transportation adapted to is formed . We also have a hand in the Organized Industrial Zone high schools to meet the needs of our businessmen are trying to open , \"he said .
MÜSIAD organized every two years by the International Trade Fair and Business Forum November 26 to 30 2014 between the CNR Exhibition Center will be held and 102 countries, seven thousand foreign businessman's participation they expect the Lightning , \"15th MUSIAD Fair, at the same time'Global Financial System Overview and New Directions'theme to handle . MÜSIAD , held in 2012, the 14th MUSIAD International Fair and 16th IBF Congress from 92 countries , 5 thousand 140 foreign businessmen and Turkey, from 150 thousand business man knocked . this year, 102 countries, 7 thousand foreign businessman's participation aims and our efforts in this direction are continuing , \"he said .
MUSIAD businessmen a non-governmental organization consisting of eminent stated that the AK Party deputy Mehmet Erdem Aydin , \"Turkey, with the events we have experienced in recent years has had an important process . terms that Turkey was a very important process . Was also important in terms of business . Turkey's reputation, prestige , was important for the economy . Fortunately, this period have survived in the best way . There was a local election process . There was the period of December 17 . We lived coup period . We saw all kinds coup in Turkey . We have seen a parallel shock . Forms another blow with the latest form insha'Allah it is not. In the words of our president, the latest in a healthy way in the High Council elections , we spent way more comfortable now Turkey will continue . In parallel , our President made ​​decisive progress continues to struggle with . In this regard, we have survived difficult process . Every choice that enhances the game , had 12 years of uninterrupted power almost made ​​Turkey one of the world's countries , world leaders rose to the level of a party leader is a victory in the first round is elected President . Businessmen'I wonder what will happen , \"he had to wait . Who will be Prime Minister ? Davutoglu question marks disappeared . A different voice , a different flavor came . The process is going well. You see the world in terms of business convenience . Turkey is taking firm steps towards the 2015 elections . Our goal is to 2023. Towards this goal , we , the business world , the media, the task falls to everyone . You can bring investment to our province , will be instrumental in the development of different resources and much more . The economic potential of certain intellectuals . Our city is mostly make a living from agriculture and animal husbandry . Aydin is a great city to develop the agricultural industry . Aydin is a tourist town . Where you go , our civilization is the basin of the ancient city . All kinds of tourism can be realized tourism is the city , \"he said .
Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi Aydın and local people an important opportunity for expression that Erdem \"'s been around here , coming from the business world is a minister . EXPO düşünemesek can not get locally . Large projects need to edify the region . Aydın, Denizli airport projects have in common that can be used . Minister Nihat from Zeybekçi will receive support on this issue , \"he said .

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