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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 13:34

AK Party Family Meets

AK Party Family Meets
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Nigde programs organized by the AK Party provincial chairman election observers taking part in the polls thanks to all members of the organization and was given a certificate .

Niğde news: Nigde programs organized by the AK Party provincial chairman election observers taking part in the polls thanks to all members of the organization and was given a certificate .
Nigde Municipality İnönü Neighborhood Social Facilities held in the program of the AK Party Regional Coordinator and Aksaray Deputy İlknur İnceöz , the AK Party Nigde Deputy Alpaslan Athletes , Nigde Mayor Faruk Akdogan, the AK Party in Nigde President Emrah Özdemir, AK Party Central District President Omer Sword AK Party Women Branches Reyhan Sayin addition , the City Council members, the Provincial Assembly members and the election process served on the AK Party organization Individual journalists attended.
the night before the day great sacrifices we have worked with
Nigde AK Party's Central District President Omar sword ; \"On 30 March, the local elections has passed we were off. This is our success is the success . Organization , together with our dedicated efforts we have made . Nights before the day great sacrifices we have worked with . Election during the door to door our citizens listened and we do our best to help you have tried . We only choose the days not on other days our people solutions to the problems we are producing . them not leave you alone . Folk our efforts once again gave . Thereafter our work will continue . Fund Namustur saying waiting all polling observers of our God bless . this victory in the polls observers with our succeeded. All polls observers grateful we are . Allah than anyone bless you , \"he said .
has changed a lot thanks to our Organization
Nigde Emrah AK Party Chairman Özdemir ; \"God be praised that about 35 days ago in this hall meeting than we did and to this day God tell us this meeting once again has bestowed . Successfully exited a choice after the meeting has bestowed . These days won a victory if we have a day like this one came together in this teşkilatımızın and observers of our labor is too high. Organization with our lot has changed . guys just our party but Nigde people all vote with your output . nobody's right no one did not feed . Now too many are not aware , but this choice importance after years very well be understood . always these also have a national are struggling . Independence struggle are giving said. Fortunately, this struggle for independence from the victory went . more nice victories we are waiting for . because we were right , right from the side we were. Fortunately choice than the victories went . together with you will be successful no We do not have any doubts . together in mercy , we have split this hadith also in the doom ourselves we have our motto . There are also ahead of a presidential election . In this election, all of us will fall very large loads . In August, all together , joining hands the best results we would get no have no doubt , \"he said .
National have struggled
Nigde AK Party Women's Wing President Reyhan Dear ; \"It's a choice we had the national struggle have given . Provincial President, my , my mayor , our MPs , District President and I thank all those who participated . In the field they leave me alone I thank you for the lady friend . Praise be to Allah, the result of this struggle culminated We've very nice , \"he said .
Our qible certain
AK Party Deputy Alpaslan Athletes Nigde ,\"We had a very tough selection process . Election calendar, election results , polling day passed very tough . Thank God before you get the help of God , then valued Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's efforts , work and charisma , and valuable party members, our devoted to the work in Nigde necessary and sufficient rates by mayoral elections, we won . I thank everyone for their devoted work . We had our very lacking wrong , but then we're going to fix this incomplete and inaccurate . The most important feature of our party and the wrongs done from corporate to be missing, take lessons from , to look into the eyes of the nation . The biggest feature we're looking into the eyes of the nation . Allah's leave our Qibla, obviously , our destination is clear. Qible us , that the direction our , our hearts breaking as long as we us Allah success and winning elections, the will bestow , \"he said .
Day and night work will continue
Nigde Mayor Faruk Akdoğan \"This election victories to be completed , for the conclusion of this soup contributed to , effort, would like to thank everyone who contributed . Was an important choice . Our country and our Nigde was an important choice for everyone in terms . This is our election victories to conclude, even very nice to win a vote . After that we do not embarrass you too, will continue to work day and night without . Our goal is always to serve as our Nigde . To serve our people . Truthfulness , honesty and striving to work without leaving . In the next process in the last 5 years in the same way as work will continue, \"he said.
Our Organization is our everything
Mayor Akdoğan ; \"From our perspective , the organization and our organization to nurture our terms when we look teşkilatımızın to ignore , no to say , in no way impossible to ignore . Our Organization is our everything . In particular, observers are our chests almost our capillaries . Teşkilatımızın capillaries . Fund observers just how important our roles are well aware of what all . Our observers Fund primarily from everyone God bless all . Especially for our country , for our Nigde behalf of our nation have fulfilled a very important task . We are a family , municipality , organization does not exist. We all stick together . Our lawmakers , our Municipal , Provincial Assembly on the other our Mayor , City Council and the General Assembly will conduct this caravan together with our members . At that led to us re-nomination General Chairman of the Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan , who supported us with our lawmakers , teşkilatımıza and I thank everyone who supported . To undertake this task in the second period , both as a candidate to undertake , as well as undertake a great honor to have won the election . At this honor for us to be Prime Minister until the polls to our observers , selecting up the chain ring to all of our thank you individually . Voters who did not anyone else God bless you , \"he said .
Three months they get blessed
Regaip Fitr and three months of blessing wishing you Nigde Mayor Faruk Akdoğan ; \"of Ramadan , the blessed one a month sulfates are new ones Ramadan herald I've comprehend that Regaip Fitr . All citizens of my Regaip Fitr and three months of the blessing that the Almighty Rights petition would be , \"he said .
Always ready , which is larger , is alive partiyiz
AK Party Regional Coordinator and Aksaray Deputy İlknur İnceöz ; \"I want to thank our Organization . In the immediate aftermath of the election with such a wonderful organization with you because we bring together . A lot of our friends teşkilatımızın the echelons of the organization have done the work for about 5-6 hours . Choosing a very critical support in the past 30 March local elections , giving employees stage teşkilatımızın congratulate all the volunteers . We had an important choice . That is selected in elections in the coming period I wish success to all our brothers . Up to this day who has worked at all levels of our party , who served have given their hearts in Nigde AK Party organization has been working in the respect and affection of all my brothers and sisters, I am sending . The authorities are not important , what is important in our country caravan of services in this very important process in our country to undertake this task . I'm following the election results as Aksaray , Nigde I followed the election results . Before the election, we also found teşkilatımızla shared important . Authorized by the mayor for the second time in Nigde both have taken together along with the percentage of votes did not embarrass God . Başbakanımıza , the AK Party service these days, political parties and the parallel structure with the election results gave the best answer thank you very much for it . In front of us there is a very important choice . In studies we are preparing our next presidential election process . I'm always ready for elections , which is a huge , living a party. After that, we will continue our work in this manner . The next will make the Presidential election how 30 March elections, a fateful choice if the destiny of this country to say yes to the services continue to say yes to , and these countries play the game on those lecture a choice if the next election in this sense is very important. Studies have made the process of coming together in my teşkilatımızın a Nigde , together , we will see huge and alive and well in the coming elections together with Başbakanımıza Aksaray'l with the most votes will support . All of my brothers , my sisters selected , the Mayor wish to serve successful . Who contributed to the hearts , the hearts of the members of the organization running day and night heartfelt respect and love to offer my brothers , \"he said .

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