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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 17:20

AK Party from Ercoşkun Israel hard Reactions

AK Party from Ercoşkun Israel hard Reactions
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AK Party deputy Ali Ercoşk Bolu , \"the Israeli measure of patience.

Bolu news: Indeed such a psychological operation managed . Because known in Syria, hundreds of thousands of people were killed no hair twirled a non western world, a process began to execute relevant ışid'l after the massacre by Isidor of two citizens , \"he said .
Israeli army of Al-Aqsa Mosque into the inhuman that expresses an event AK Party deputy Ali Ercoşk's , said:\"how much of the report in front of the whole world know that Israel's corrupt sucks. We are a country that actually lived in many environments. At the end we gave our relationship after the Mavi Marmara martyrs certain . Israel's systematic way of working that have made maybe a size up on the Masjid-i-Aqsa currently taking place later today . Because so far Hz . Suleiman the step by step what they were doing work related to the Temple maybe try doing it right now. I wonder if the Muslim world to show how to react how much work we do this they decided to take take the next step accordingly. \"Photo of Israel stated that measures the patience of Muslims Ercoşk's , said:Photo \"Our Jerusalem and Masjid-Aqsa , we can not define it as a separate region. Until 100 years ago, we are talking about a town under Ottoman control. Therefore, our mission history , it's great mission we have received from our ancestors will be instrumental in this process we are involved in our . The condo was very simple words remain in my opinion , I gotta say condemn . Because it is a true religion and freedom of conscience is a human right is a right recognized by all religions all over the world . Hence the need to condemn this attack directed and on top of it if you need it , nor do I think we will probably agree to do so at the point of the whole nation , I think. \"

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