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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:15

AK Party group meeting ( 2)

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, \"our only friend move beyond the need to have policies to the structural transformation of the use of idle capacity in Turkey entered into a very busy work schedule and have completed 25 primary structural transformation to a large extent .

Ankara news: It will explain the first 9 Thursday , \"he said . Photo Davutoglu, the Turkish Parliament addressed the AK Party Group meeting at the party . The old that lives on less than 2-4 dollars a day, 30 per cent of the population in Turkey , now it is only 2 per cent Davutoglu tray indicating that below this limit , \"2 per cent in a few years it will raise the above standards. Poverty in the country, which is set out under the slogan fight against corruption and ban the AK Party slogan in a decisive way will continue this way , \"he said .
Reported this week to explain the much more comprehensive structural economic moves plan Thursday Davutoglu,\"structural transformation program in Economics the action plan consists of 25 programs and 200 thousand . Government explaining our program that we voiced our friends no longer have the need to move beyond the use of structural transformation principles idle capacity in Turkey just entered and completed 25 primary structural transformation into a very busy work schedule to a great extent . It will explain the first 9 Thursday. After that we will continue to disclosures if 8'erl 9 and packages . Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister we offered our Council of Ministers of Mr Babacan first 9 package and Ministers have received approval from the Board , \"he said . Photo Package Davutoglu gave information about the contents , said:
\"There is reducing the dependence on imports in this package. Current trends show a decline in our imports only . Looking at the internal structure of this decline is observed largely in the health field . To reduce dependence on imports allows the increase of production in the real sector includes both minimizes both the current account deficit . Our action plan ready this issue . We are developing a strategic plan ahead to reduce dependence on imports until 2018 . Second in priority technology commercialization program . This area of innovation and R \u0026 D , technology development and provides that a qualified structural change in the sign of a new intensive development. Technology development and production program through public procurement third , fourth based on domestic sources of energy , production program. This is again pointing to one of the structural problems of our economy , a matter of finger prints. Current operations are a large part due to our dependence on energy gap. Based energy production to reduce reliance on domestic resources and the country's national economy in this sense , that allow the arbitration to the national energy. Improving energy efficiency program . I will explain a comprehensive exchange program for use in an effective manner of agriculture in water to prepare for the activation of the agricultural water use program that specifically again advance against challenge caused by climate change as water sources. Structural transformation program in health industry. Health in Turkey in the last 10 years, the realization of very large areas where reform is now not only in terms of health, well-being of our people inside , we will become a center of attraction as an economic sector on global standards . The development of health tourism program , the transportation logistics transformation program. All this clearly shows how meticulously planned the AK Party vision for the future of Turkey. \"Will be held in Photo Australia G-20 Summit, pointing to Obama,\"Actually, all of this structural transformation program the G-20 to be an emerging country we will decide , \"he said .
\" who drew pessimistic wE HAVE bad news \"Photo with 9.66 in May, inflation dropped to 9.6 in October reminding Obama, \"In fact, more I've put a lot more effort for a fall . But especially we want to measure the decline due to climate conditions and food prices in Turkey. Remove the double-digit inflation again Hani country in which he prophesies of a disaster and a bad news for those who have almost all their energy supplies for such a pessimistic picture . As I hope this is a two digit country than their period , not governed by the three-digit inflation. Inflation progressive period in the accelerating fall , \"he said .
KOP NEW ACTION Photo Davutoglu, noting that an important goal of ending terrorism in the settlement process , \"Terror to end the sense of belonging mainly supply in the country to strengthen the consciousness , \"he said .
3 November 2002, since in Turkey is increasingly bond of loyalty between the individual and the state said Davutoglu,\"We are trying to strengthen the bonds of belonging and brotherhood in the settlement process , unlike the one they tried to weaken the bonds of belonging . After the action taken by Kopani excuse now is the time to do all the accounting , \"he said .
In Parliament resolution commission Davutoglu pointed out that creation , he said . Photo \"to meet the expectations of all parties in April 2013, wise people delegation was created. Toured all over Turkey , I thank each of them. What was the expectation , what was agreed was that ? In May of terrorist elements were to leave Turkey . Did they leave ? Despite declaring that abandoning Turkey in May , did they take any steps towards disarmament ? No . Because they input into efforts to destabilize Turkey won again this time . And in those days just hopes solutions gained great momentum in Turkey Travel provocations took place . These provocations have posted so just step back , behind our government showed the solution and democratization will, democratization package announced on September 30 and has launched the most comprehensive package of democratization 12 years. On November 16 in Diyarbakir Dear Mr. resolution process with the call they made exactly Başbakanımızla regained momentum with Barzani . This time, they want to blow again on December 17 to 25 and then HDPE provocation in this coup attempt against the then exhibited a steady demeanor and attitude with the name of the BDP . Despite this, we have demonstrated our will without hesitation resolution process . Because we have demonstrated the will of the settlement process for all eternity to make his brother his brother is not a member of this nation in order to satisfy their one time immemorial . We removed the laws for it in June. We at precisely the law when dealing with that legislation creating a legal framework as they also want them around certain groups of our cities which they are associated , while doing politics in Ankara have access to their efforts to establish specific order, they tried to banditry , they tried to take extortion , threats, were trying to blackmail with . We've been following them all, we expect the HDPE are revealed emerge and resolution process perspective. \"Photo \" banditry to deduce SUMMIT \"Photo Davutoglu,\"The new government first job we did when installed , more vote of confidence without solution process of creating my first meeting was the meeting mechanism . On October 1, we put forward the solution process also induced by the Prime Minister decree . So what was the answer? They took their banditry summit on 6-7 October . We'll remainsilent on this? Other than themselves in the East do not allow any political structure that does not allow de facto to reveal any situation. \"Photo \"you have determined the position of HDPE , \"said Obama,\"If you call chp'ys more Dersim from one to the party can not show to apologize virtue Meanwhile they have to be good and get blessed tie . CHP in HDPE and cruelty, the cruelty together , if they are together they commanded the support of Isidor and Assad . We're together if each one of our brothers in the land , we are with each without considering ethnic differences . Excused who lose the ability to deal with the violence . Let them go'treason unless those made on 6-7 October'they said. They ask the citizens, no one confirming these events , \"he said.
\" MHP and CHP YE I call ; AREA IN \"
Obama, \"I appeal once more ; the will of the government in the solution process is complete and accurate . One should not doubt . But our will to preserve public order for the success of the solution process is equally precise and stable ... who want to exploit our commitment in the solution process I call the MHP and CHP ; Protect Turkey's unity and togetherness will not be from Ankara, down to the arena. \"Photo \"we take a step with Congress and elections occasion will not be the homeland , \"said Davutoglu, \"Today morning , Mr. lint barbecued whole garden in next week's group meeting today I'm here to say what I said ? Could say'I'm stepping elections will remain the homeland'could I say? This is our question . Who çıksın against us , if you work in front of us who try to prevent the AK Party cadres everywhere in Turkey to the Turkish flag . This country is the only party of the AK Party can talk to anyone. \"Photo \" zig-zag we BOOTS WE GIVE SO-CALLED BACK we STOP \"Photo Davutoglu,\"2002 3 November I was banned from our general president , since we did not change this attitude . Were those who organized coup attempt , this did not change our attitude . E-memorandum was given , did not change our attitude . Party closure case opened , did not change our attitude . The trip was held December 17 to 25 and Kopani provocation , did not change our attitude . Because our attitude is the attitude of our nation and the history is not just the attitude of a political party. We zigzagging . Allah witnesses , witness nation. We back our promise to stop . We step back from the cruel threat , we never bow to the cowardly trap . Only our nation , our conscience , we listen to the sound from the date ancestors , we will continue to listen. We hear the ear with peace , we talk with peace of language. Betty heard the ear , the heart language speakers live in the nation with the same sentiment . I appeal to all of the 2025 elections will not stop walking , \"he said.

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