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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:08

AK Party in Gaziemir'e Management"12 Dev Adam"Talib

AK Party in Gaziemir'e Management
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AK Party November Buca District Organization and Potential Candidate Promotion Advisory Council Meeting was held.

İzmir news: AK Party November Buca District Organization and Potential Candidate Promotion Advisory Council Meeting was held. Gaziemir Akin Wedding Hall performed and intensive participation of the scene of the meeting of the AK Party Istanbul Provincial President Omar Jihad Akay, Provincial Vice President m.atill Kaya İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly AK Party Deputy Group Chairman Yusuf Kenan Era, AK Party Buca District Chairman Patience Teling the 'reputation as well as the AK Party candidate for mayor of Buca, provincial and district board members, women and youth joined the party with arms management.
14th held advisory council meeting keynote speaker performs the AK Party Buca District Chairman Patience Teling, the AK Party took office since 2002 Turkey with its services since literally jumped stated that era. Teling of the"10 December 2011 in Gaziemir we have inherited the AK Party flag 7 thousand 500 members, 12 thousand 500 members on was removed. As well as crate Our boards for about a month over 95 percent was ready. 16th in our neighborhood 16 neighborhood organizations locally, our most at the district administration as an active continues its activities. AK Party to feudal relations without relying names politics prisoners, without justice and development services knew, the nation servant being the nation mastery factors in front of which is a philosophy. AK Party's 12 years to our country that every now sections of society accept. AK Party last 12 years in the service to Turkey with almost era has survived,"he said.
Teling,"The AK Party Buca Organization, the 12th mayor candidate candidate, with our 16 neighborhood '500 houses 500 workplace visits with the slogan"a program we did and this program 26 days such a short time we have completed. these achievements, mainly for mayor candidate Our candidates, including other members of the organization would like to thank. residence of the authority granting the right, Gaziemir'e befitting a local management approach now for the AK municipality is the time,"he said.
the agency cautioned lingual Teling's,"within ourselves what we live, this outward from the mirror nephew as the body should work. 12th candidate we have, but to choose one. And now this name after determining the AK Party with the love of this candidate behind our Let us, for him, let's try,"he said.
District Chairman Patience Telingün after the speech said the İzmir AK Party Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Council Metropolitan Yusuf Kenan Age Group, Botanica candidate for Mayor 12 name, was presented to the party. Prospective candidates"12 giant man"he is introducing age, female candidates, he pleaded not detect it as discrimination and wished success to the candidates. Prospective candidates primarily for the promotion of female candidates, then the other candidate had the opportunity to introduce themselves at the podium.
First mention of Prospective candidates who took Mediha Balbam. Balbakan, respectively, after the Nile Turan, Buca former Mayor Adnan Yuksel, Coskun right, Erol Kaya, Hosni Iron, Cistern former Mayor İsmail Acar, Kerem Honorary Barnes was Nazmi Yılmaz, Sehalat did Davor, Serdar Muçay and Yilmaz Eroglu said, taking themselves party members were introduced.
Prospective candidates demonstrations followed the last word of the AK Party Istanbul Provincial President Omar Jihad Akay, AK Party Buca Organization welcoming and Due to the enthusiastic welcome Telingün District Chairman thanked Patience. 2014 local elections too önemsediklerini Akay, however, four months later by popular vote to be elected presidential elections is also extremely important is emphasized.
Akay following descriptions found;"First AK Party under the banner, Gaziemir'e's face change with ideas for service for change, candidate nominations, the organization of the naval emerged from all our friends sincerely wish you success. course local elections for us is very important. İzmir sphacelous solutions to the problems of the EC municipality that many times, in many environments have expressed. Both Metropolitan required county, whether in the city misses the municipality understanding of the AK Party in Izmir will provide. Our goal in this election, over 50 percent success by providing first election as a party is to go. municipal elections, the importance of the one side, the Republic since first by popular vote election to be held presidential elections is also extremely important for us. Folk's first time to be determined by a vote of the President in this election extremely important in this regard."
Akay aspire after the speech Gaziemir'e 12, and the party candidate for Mayor of fame they perform in photo shoots.

AK Party in Gaziemir'e Management"12 Dev Adam"Talib" comments for.


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