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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:50

AK Party in the 2015 Process

AK Party in the 2015 Process
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Zonguldak Province in the organization of the AK Party, the party's congress held holy and Zonguldak in the program were discussed in the studies .

Zonguldak news:
Former Chairman of the Parliament and the AK Party Zonguldak Deputy Koksal Wholesale, AK Party Zonguldak Deputy Ozcan Ulupınar , the AK Party Provincial Chairman Hamdi Ucar and Central District Chairman text Karaduman , party building, members of the organization met with .
party members celebrate holidays Ak party Zonguldak Chairman Hamdi Ucar, \"I am particularly during this period of Zonguldak in our city , in local elections , presidential elections, all in an environment that contributed members of the organization to our thank you very much . Feast on the occasion come together . Emotions and thoughts are expressing . our city, a series of events and programs, a Meanwhile we are trying to . these days province teşkilatımızın holy program in the are . Tomorrow I hope all districts of our individual touring the county with our friends , our citizens and members of the organization with our series of visits can carry holy will . Allah nice feast for all of us in a peaceful way our access to bless .
AK Party Zonguldak Deputy Ozcan Ulupınar also work in Zonguldak in Turkey and said:
\"I wish the Good holidays . Deal this holiday too , we all have jobs. Did you take the time to come here . God bless you all . Nice feast attain God bless us all . God of this festive occasion in the world to stop the blood flowing bless Muslims . This feast to the brotherhood of all of us , you get the occasion to happiness . Get an opportunity to docking . Eve Day came from Ankara . These days all of us , our families and our relatives will bayramlaşma . We have cut our victim , we will cut . Devrek starting from tomorrow morning we will visit all the districts to ALAPLI . Our town and several villages in Gökçebey Hacimusa programs holy will. I would like to thank you . Both you for coming here and until such time as we are members of the organization and to our party , you may have provided to Zonguldak thank you for contributing . We did two elections in recent history . We very much for this to be the work of parliament in the elections did not come . You know, a kind of bag legislation closes this summer due to the council worked. We came to voting , we're back . After the local elections in the country's presidential election, which is the average percentage of votes on the Zonguldak our citizens have supported us . The next general election will be in the process . Members of the organization to be a very difficult task . You are all kinds of sacrifices , time, effort and money you can spend . People who benefit the most auspicious of people is touched . Therefore, I thank you . God bless . In our country, who are watching events closely . Mounted, do you the world . What are we doing in Zonguldak . Our work continues in Zonguldak all the way . Our work continues in our villages . Mithatpaşa Tunnel equivalent to the coal seam occurred because a hitch . We have to continue working out of his way . We held a tender for Filyos Valley . It was an appeal to the public procurement agency . In recent days, a number of documents from the ministry of public procurement agency wanted. These documents together with the arrival of the evening hopefully this will result in the morning . Our railways , public services, our buildings , our sewage works , gas works , our way of our work continues. Last week, I paid a visit to Filyos . We arrived at the beach , I had the mayor . One way , which is called death road is currently in a very serious way to work quickly contractors are our brothers . In a very short time there was a peaceful and safe way to share commuting . A second set of Zonguldak DMO duty diesel trains will be in service . Available to be taken care of . Secondly, when it comes time to begin to Karabuk . As of October 1 Assembly began our work again . We continue from where we left again . Bag Law Commission in Parliament in 99 days and was discussed in plenary . 27 units involving institutions , comprising hundreds of these laws reflect a different way of Zonguldak . Not only in Zonguldak , some brothers and sisters in other provinces of the country was unemployed . Now after Soma disaster improve the working conditions of our brothers in the sense of the miners organized , though. Two minimum wages, retirement age , time seemed to work . However, these differences could not get from where workers were forced to remove . We came here and talked to them . We met our group vice president and minister . Miners were satisfied with our brothers and sisters in favor of improving conditions . But recent work , such as salary hikes detected. It was opened schools offspring they could not get the shoes . I hope that we are working to resolve this problem . We had a motion that the adoption of a motion to parliament after Eid will fight after opening . In the world these days when there are a lot of fire , war, while most close to us in our south west, while the crisis in the country in a peaceful way to live in a country's economy will continue growing . However, this fire may jump us at any moment . Note negotiations was . CHP and the BDP did not support . MHP and the motion passed with the support of the AK Party . Even a nose bleed our Mehmetçiğimiz ends of these events . However, in our country , we have to protect our lands from these attacks . Isidor this day , yesterday , the PKK before him PYD , tomorrow will Khorasan , nothing else happens . Shortage in this region will continue , unfortunately, always as it seems. There citizens, there Muslim brothers and sisters we opened our doors . \"
Former Chairman of the Parliament and the AK Party Zonguldak Deputy Koksal Wholesale in his speech recounted the following:
\"in Zonguldak politics and Turkey's foreign barriers related to a short review I want to do . Our party convention process has already begun . In a very short period of time in the back of the congress , congressional district and provincial congress to be done. Immediately after the preparation of the 2015 general elections which will be held in will be initiated. For that reason, in this narrow period of time to be very careful not to make mistakes , or at the least make mistakes and congresses synergy atmosphere would have to move . Everyone embraces everyone with open arms , the balance of our party will be more successful at protecting the government , the difference between us than our competitors also believe in my heart will be opened . Congressional district , provincial congresses of our organization , to be appointed by the free will of our delegates through a process in peace will in mutual love and respect . Ultimately everyone will be happy and satisfied . Without pitting without breaking bulk to circumvent this process and the general election in 2015 will need to bring to the party . Therefore, the stability of choices as to maintain 2015 should result . There all our friends on the force served you, or in this period takes office on future-duty colleagues , hand in hand , arm in arm , this stability Turkey table re-freshening and a new general presidents of this first in the selection of her new strength and power to ensure that we are needed. As our friends already this far then I believe wholeheartedly that you perform . \"
AK Party Chairman of the Central District of Zonguldak in 2015 text Karaduman process evaluated. Holy After the speeches were made.


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