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  • 07 Temmuz 2014, Pazartesi 22:27

AK Party Light, citizens Met

AK Party Light, citizens Met
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AK Party deputy Faruk Light, in the past there were great difficulties in the region and an end to this nuisance with AK Party said .

Muş news: AK Party deputy Faruk Light in the past in the region is very great difficulties to live and AK Party with these troubles come to an end , he said.
Weekend breaks for the Mus coming Faruk Light, after iftar Mayor Feyat Asia and the AK Party Central district Chairman Muharrem sightseeing in the city center along with Gift chatted with citizens . Finally, citizens came together at the Ataturk Park Light, evaluated the presidential election process . AK Party in parliament stated that the Light struggle alone ; \"This area in many parts of the people themselves peace and feel safe . These the AK Party was due . 3 years parlamentod am. Nation's unity and brotherhood in the name of how to fight is given , how quarrels No witnessed'm telling you . Outside is as it seems . Outside differently those who make propaganda something this country's unity , for the Kurds to reform the laws are changed or one in the hall is staying or two remain. AK Party alone three parties is challenging . March 2nd we do at an end there are any changes.combating discrimination, the old settlements refund provisions concerning the Kurdish free make propaganda provisions concerning religion and freedom of conscience provisions concerning and private schools in Kurdish educational chapters involving mini package was being discussed . these in a matter though BDP only Hasip Kaplan had . States into the depths , against the nationalists against the CHP , MHP , against everyone against the AK Party alone there fighting was giving , \"he said .
AK Party's enterprise have a structure emphasizing the Light ,\"in the east of the AK Party nor thinks , in the west people the same think . Taboos , fears, brain created in the poor perception of the AK Party eliminates \"he said.
Past, the region difficulties in reminding Light said , \"In the past , the system regime , our inner world fully occupied . Our brains , our souls had taken into his palm . A world where they create us , a world that is so hostile to the Turkish Kurds , Turks, Kurds , Alevis, Sunnis that the enemy has created a world and a very bad perception has been created in our brains . In the minds of the Muslim Turkish Kurds, irreligious, public enemy , the enemy flag , geography enemy had placed a philosophy called . We had placed our heads, different philosophies . I while in law school , a group of soldiers had arrived in our village pretext of searching for weapons . The village men gathered in one place where there is grass and thorny they made a hundred sheep herd . Later in the blood breasts of women gathered in the village square opposite the men who posed ropes . He had such a regime . Now who dares to persecute innocent people . This is thanks to the AK Party , Prime Minister Erdogan came through . \"
Prime Minister Erdogan have a greater chance of voicing Light, \"Mr. Prime Minister, no one had the courage , the courage of those who did not live to solve problems . If who tried to get their hands on the Kurdish problem , or reduced to a coup or is killed in a suspicious manner . But the prime minister , without bowing to any threat , by the power of the people on the Kurdish problem would be gone and thank God , we currently have peace in the region is very nice . Kurds are oppressed and the oppressor, but the believer understands the case . Prime Minister also best to solve the problems of the Kurds as a believer has put his head this way . Now our prime minister to run for president . Allah's permission and support you with our Prime Minister , the President will choose to , \"he said .

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