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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:59

AK Party Malatya deputy Mustafa Sahin:

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Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Malatya deputy Mustafa Sahin, \"to be paid to young people over the age of 25 to marry is to launch a planned marriage loans ,\"he said .

Malatya news: Photo AK Party Malatya deputy Mustafa Sahin, Turkish Grand National Assembly Planning and Budget Commission of the AK Party group gave information about the Family Ministry's work by making a speech on behalf Photo Family Minister Ayşenur the meeting in the presence of Islamic views and sorting the suggestions Malatya Deputy Mustafa Sahin , \"especially in our country, 12 years old of 25 million , 18 years old our population is 40 percent , 34 years of age account for 64 percent of our six population. in this context, young , rather than boast a dynamic population , qualitative sense, our young people more how different period can grow . we can do a study of our youth by establishing a national youth council in this context . Street children, gifted children , children in need of protection , child abuse and neglect can be made in various fields as well as studies of poor children . is in peace with our roots, increasing the number of cartoons of our culture, together with our traditional children's games , lullabies and tales of our using our effective means of communication in terms of guiding the younger generations in a more active way of the Ministry of Family act for our future generations is also important. Mother and Child Health Action Plan for the passing of the death of a child to life and to examine the causes of maternal age children will provide permanent solutions. Especially in children, in the past people married parents pressure or tradition because of force with berdel similar number of motives is evlendirilirk is now on the Internet , Facebook , our young people in the cafe and on the street knows people are doing the wrong number of marriages. Will give rise to serious difficulties in this matter further process , it is important that we should take as a matter of precaution. Instead of troubled youth in provinces conferences to ensure that they get to sample more permanent olacaktır.türkiye in history with women or take samples male protagonist of the series of our young people left their mark male and female figures on the unresolved problems experienced our approach to events in question within the framework of the youth , out of our cultural richness such as seminars will take , we can ensure that the model for young people published works of these figures with the work to be had , \"he said. offering a proposal to raise the awareness Photo young Falcon,\"chat from TV to the dependent youth instead of family , knowledge, experience sharing, the provision of some cultural sharing and reading a youth when we look at the effort to be here etmeliyiz.hat data , our young people are reading newspapers they read , but we see that they refer to only 50 percent of the sports pages . So this area is a little more of our young people we provide trainning I think the result is a bit more than double oluruz.k was space also been successful career scientists, cultural and became summit in the arts generally accepted as düzenlenebilir.genel bringing together activities with our older our young people , policy in our ever women's positive discrimination we have made efforts always keeping in the forefront . But ours is an ancient culture of our family heritage will no longer be effective we engage in work for the individuals living at the family taking the forefront separately happy and quality life , \"he said . Photo Sahin, \"In addition, the home care services with the help we have made the deaf we have been making . However, those over 65 years our people , our elderly , the homeless are provided these opportunities for our retirement home . They are also in their own family environment, given a similar support , family integrity from the bay , so they remain in these institutions if we give in support of this house, if it is done if these services in their family environment, given a similar deck , I think would be easier than some of the burden of both state and in this nursing home the density is slightly reduced . Violence against women in our society rare belief, customs and traditions of our place without incident , extreme events, especially television channels, over and over again can be shown to work together to rtük'l poses a serious disturbance in the society. Difficulties experienced in this field expanding awareness efforts made ​​to establish the family before marriage candidates across the country can minimize . Our Supreme book \"We the people, we ordered the most beautiful in a way that treats the mother and father, \"he mentions in Surah Ankebut . Prophet \"Home and Good news to those who do good to his father. Sılayırahm will prolong people's life that is slightly larger than our , our elderly , the closer we are what our close so there is really some rhetoric that there will be long our life , good words , of course . We we made the crown of our main our own . Co-our , while their father while handing us \"these are for you , you emanets God \"he , really are loads of us a greater responsibility . our traditions and customs of our tradition while there , but unfortunately we have just mentioned of course in a they are not aware of our times young, environment, so far the marriage with people they have found randomly is really how high the functions of divorce we see here , \"he said . Photo Sahin , his speech concluded:Photo \"In addition, the family wear the reasons that women within the framework of the removal of the home of violent men those who apply are exposed to violence and psychological violence with their children should be supported in this process. Measures taken to live a more healthy life of couples coming together again as a result we will provide . Unfortunately, many husbands away from home, at a later period , because maybe this support be enough , because we can not solve the current troubles, we see that they are divorced from their husbands or we see that they are exposed to more different, some violence beyond it . Offered to disabled people in severe need of a Photo Care at home care in the context of consideration of the criteria in the household monthly income per person will be a part grievances from a maintenance expense . Paid to young people over the age of 25 to marry the initiation of the planned marriage loans made ​​by TOKI for social housing does not cause new social problems of the present application should be reconsidered . Also, finally , family and social policies provincial directorates of social assistance and solidarity with the legal regulation foundations to do the kind of integration which would facilitate service access for citizens to provide , will allow the use of more effective and efficient use of public resources. \"

AK Party Malatya deputy Mustafa Sahin:" comments for.


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