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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:38

AK Party Manisa Akhisar Meets Youth Wing

AK Party Manisa Akhisar Meets Youth Wing
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AK Party Manisa province and district president of the youth wing members, met in Akhisar .

Manisa news: Manisa Akhisar organized by the Youth Section of the Youth Section of the Training and Consultation Meeting hosted Akhisar Council was held in the Assembly Hall . Meeting with Citizens AK Party Manisa deputy Muzaffer Aydemir Ugur Plan and Budget Commission Members also attended. Silence and the National Anthem after reading the meeting first mention of the AK Party Akhisar Youth Wing President Suleyman Çakar, \"in this salon youth history knows very well , very loving, a legacy on his shoulders the burden of being aware are the youth . These youth strife , not solidarity and embrace a youth who is aware of . has hope here in Turkey , not only in Turkey , the Middle East , the Balkans, north Africa, there's hope , \"he said .
two and a half million of the AK Party in Turkey that the emphasis of the younger members of the AK Party Manisa Province Youth Wing President Halil Özkan, the largest youth movement in Turkey, the AK Party, the largest youth NGOs claimed that the youth wing of the organization . It prides itself with claims and they stated that they honor Ozkan, proud and honored to be in the organization voiced . The AK Party's youth many actions indicating that Ozkan, Manisa in the acts talked about .
Youth Wing known to act as workers running the official perception destroy voicing AK Party Manisa deputy Muzaffer Citizen his speech to the youth always just a workers do not like the views from the value that they said.
Youth Wing of his duties by the important position they were in expressing the AK Party Manisa deputy Uğur Aydemir himself youth wing came from that expressed at all levels work said. Work at all levels talk about the importance of youth into the arms Aydemir , it was stated that the honor and pride . Standing of society bedridden youth that expresses a non-Aydemir, this region and it is essential for leadership in the region , he said.

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