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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:59

AK Party ministers and MPs, Özhaseki'nin Discusses Candidacy:

AK Party ministers and MPs, Özhaseki'nin Discusses Candidacy:
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Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki'nin nomination for mayor re-evaluating the AK Party Ministers and MPs, the President went on to highlight the success of Özhaseki'ye and mayor noted that it is a brand.

Kayseri news: Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki'nin nomination for mayor re-evaluating the AK Party Ministers and MPs, the President went on to highlight the success of Özhaseki'ye and mayor noted that it is a brand.
Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki'ye candidacy AK Party Group Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced by the then President Özhaseki and deputies, Özhaseki'nin nomination evaluated.
Parliament in the Garden of members of the press to the first statement, President Özhaseki made. Embarrassed not to be prayed to Allah stated that the President Özhaseki,"Hopefully, this financial burden hemşehrilerimizin with a prayer right to stand up. New era, new jobs of people doing prayers continue to receive we'd hope you,"he said. Members of the press by the Prime Minister related to Kayseri praise the reminders on in Kayseri example in Turkey, which handles very nicely done voicing President Özhaseki,"Kayseri from the model are discussed. These cities on our own public resources using the least massive projects have demonstrated. None of them is not easy,"he said.
Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz, Kayseri, Turkey's candidacy Özhaseki'ye President wished to be auspicious. Minister Yildiz said :"S month President Özhaseki since the beginning of this task successfully engaged 30 years, our brother, our friend. Kayseri increasingly comfortable livable city is becoming. Human in this success boasts. President Özhaseki ' y would like to congratulate. Allah him with his team healthy healthy work bestowed get."
Turkey Grand National Assembly Chairman Sadik Yakut the words"Kayseri get lucky and auspicious to Turkey,"he began. In his speech on the stability of fixed Ruby,"Every mayor's 4-5 period, the mayor should have been that he cities livable cities become you. Stability is important. Kayseri municipality giant schemes. Erciyes project there in the first place. Wish you success. Hayýrlý get lucky,"he said.
"KAYSERİ AGAIN, NEW IR, said again"
Kahramanmaras Deputy of the AK Party Group Deputy Chairman and Chairman of the Özhaseki'nin Mahir Ünal re-evaluated nominations . Kayseri's so"New Again"again, that expresses Unal, President Özhaseki'nin Kayseri continue to serve, he noted.
Kayseri Deputy Yasar Southwind, the candidate described the first among the cities of Kayseri, the importance of being stressed. President Özhaseki'nin nomination is no surprise voicing Southwind,"Already the members of the Parliament as well as the city's candidate Özhaseki'y did. Mehmet Özhaseki ever with his job, the city saves with the works that have already been branded, the city is also thankfully brand has made. We also villages touring both metropolitan as well as all the mayors needing to win will do. Town beneficial to get lucky,"he said.
Kayseri deputy Ahmet Öksüzkaya, President Özhaseki'nin his actions because once again the mayor deserves to be told. President Özhaseki'nin continuous project of producing a president stating that Öksüzkaya,"President Özhaseki Kayseri our shell replacement was instrumental in. Our city traders! a city, the sports aspect, cultural aspect, the art of wool, with every aspect of the highlights was a city. Therefore itself thank you. wish you continued success,"he said.
Kayseri Deputy Tamer Ismail stressed that while Mehmet Özhaseki'nin a brand. Tamer said:
"Our president is a trademark. O brand also by our Prime Minister has been registered. Hopefully, in the next period but still very good projects will take. Kayseri for the even was important for Turkey will show that. Both Kayserimizden both our country the charity I wish to bring ."
evaluating the AK Party nomination for President Mehmet Özhaseki'nin Provincial President Omar Dengiz Özhaseki President on behalf of the entire organization began by thanking promise. Dengiz,"Mr. Chairman for many years great sacrifices his mayoralty from success to success Catching up on our face bleach was. Kayseri all over Turkey and the world an exemplary city has made. Yours sincerely organization on behalf of my and Kayseri behalf of the people thank you. This time, then the path of Allah open I hope you're not.'m sure we broke a new record after the election will achieve greater success with our president Kayserimizden Özhaseki be better,"he said.

AK Party ministers and MPs, Özhaseki'nin Discusses Candidacy:" comments for.


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