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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:24

AK Party Organization Congress in Elazig Start Process

AK Party Organization Congress in Elazig Start Process
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Elazığ Provincial Chairman of AK Party Açıkkap Dragon , 5th Ordinary Congress in a press conference said that the process begins .

Elazığ news: Elazığ Provincial Chairman of AK Party
Dragon Açıkkap , with the participation of board members and the party held a press conference at the party building . 5th ordinary congress calendar September 15th 2014 indicates the beginning Açıkkap , \"the 22 February 2015 on the provincial congress of the conclusion of the great congress before the process will be completed. 5th ordinary congress of the process of the first and most important stage of villages and districts of the delegates is determined. Delegates elections within the party of democracy is the cornerstone . to do this, villages, quarters and resorts in our book all our members on the locations identified will be made. our party and every segment of society that embraces fair with an understanding of our statute and regulations for our specified criteria , principles , taking into account these observations will be carried out . our province and district in our entire villages and neighborhoods in our October delegates to identify our will have completed . later convention date in accordance with the November 1, 2014 and December 31, between county convention and our central district our congress will have done . Ultimately, February 22, 2015 until the date of need in our province as well as all provinces, provincial congresses will be realized , \"he said .
AK Party's next target 5 of the usual convention process with the 2015 elections successfully quit , the nation their 2023 , 2053 and 2071 Turkey to the stability , peace of mind , with the development and salvation to discover also that expressing Açıkkap , \"Today, up to politics to strengthen our party of 5 . ordinary congress to be obtained from the power , the energy interests of unity and understanding with the Congress will continue to dominate the national will . Our Congress of Turkey is the source of most of our targets are achieved . Our Congress indispensable need of a new Turkey's new constitution , which brought together the will is the source of our beloved nation . All of our Congress custody of the remains , parallel structure , that have plagued our nation is the source of all evils be leveled . Our Congress is the source of the legitimacy of the new steps to be taken towards Turkey . Our Congress pioneer of full democracy in Turkey , a rising economy , equal citizenship , Miletus state is the source of conversation . Turkey in the new season strong , democratic , prosperous and respected country will walk the goal of becoming a greater determination . In this holy walk and General Chairman of the Prime Minister Prof. Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu as one body under the leadership of our entire organization will reach higher goals . In the new phase of the AK Party to be the voice of the nation , our nation will continue to speak the language , \"he said .

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