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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 19:25

AK Party Organization Donates Blood

AK Party Organization Donates Blood
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AK Party County Şehitkamil blood donation campaign was organized by the Department .

Gaziantep news: AK Party Şehitkamil District President by blood donation campaign was organized.
AK Party Şehitkamil District Presidency carried out in blood donation campaign AK Party Gaziantep Provincial President Ahmet Uzer with Şehitkamil Mayor Ridvan Fadıloğlu also gave support.
Blood donation campaign who attended his surgery last week but could not give blood because of the Ridvan Fadıloğlu President , said that there is a major health problem . This past weekend the stomach surgery, indicating that the Fadıloğlu , drugs used because of donated blood can not be passed.
Importance of blood donation draws attention to the AK Party City President Ahmet Uzer, before beginning a passing incident , said:
\"in 1988 again, the provincial president was . organization with blood donation campaign was organized . whole force mustered up the blood center blood gave . giving blood is sunnah . giving blood is life. give blood for humanity is a service . patients are an aid . too big is no. We also knowing them , then such a campaign had arranged . next day in the newspapers when I look at our party lost blood is as the title threw . now that incident came to my mind . Tomorrow some newspapers'AK Party in Gaziantep lost blood'might say . Yet we bled hope , but a blood donation bulunarak a healthier state we're coming . \"
blood donation, especially in the realm of Islam to the importance of addressing Şehitkamil Mayor Ridvan Fadıloğlu , said:
\"this day in the Islamic world the war , especially from Turkey citizens'surgeries in the nature of blood needs to resolve the name of such a they support my campaign for president in the person I would like to congratulate all my team mates . This kind of social activities will always be together . \"
Edited organization providing information on the AK Party Şehitkamil District Governor Halil Ugur the following statement found in:
\"AK Party organization as a continuous act in this way , especially the Red Crescent have made the we support blood donation campaigns . Let's make ourselves these days as the organization said. We hold a very wide range . Only the headman representatives and board members of our Organization in friends did. Our target number was around 100 . Also we have reached our target number . \"

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