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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 15:22

AK Party Presidential Advisory Council Meeting of Trabzon Province

AK Party Presidential Advisory Council Meeting of Trabzon Province
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Trabzon AK Party provincial chairman of the Advisory Council meeting of October , Deputy Chairman of Parliamentary Group with the participation of Adiyaman deputy Ahmet Aydin Hamamizade Ihsan Bey, was held at the Cultural Center .

Trabzon news: Speaking at the meeting , Aydın union said they would continue until the end of the solution process provides the brotherhood , he said.
The meeting , Prof. AK Party deputies Trabzon Dr. Bıyıklıoğlu intellectuals , Safia SEYMENOĞLU , Deputy Minister of Environment and Urban Development Mohammad ax, the AK Party Chairman Dr. Trabzon Province Adnan Gunnar , Trabzon Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU, the AK Party District Chairman Ortahisar Basic Altunbas , district mayors , district heads and members of the organization attended.
Firstly, the AK Party Chairman Dr. Trabzon Province Adnan Gunnar county convention before the most recent advisory council made ​​by expressing, \"The AK Party , its inception to the present day members of the organization with many great achievements scored. MPs , our government , our founding general president , the legendary prime minister and current president of our Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the world's most best among all took place . Bunda the largest share of new generation UmUzUndUr . new generation of our party, the AK Party, our nation escrow adequately the entire department , our nation's pray to be close to deserved . these prayers in exchange for services new teşkilatlarımızla will continue . new and great for Turkey struggles while in front of Turkey damming prepared the great powers of 28 Şubat the country's pre-shut off , trying at that time our nation AK Party gave birth. Again, coup attempts have not stopped eventually constitutional referendum with'Enough is completely promise of the nation'concept has been realized. Own house then our people the CIA and MOSAD games have begun , Ergenekon and Israel all violent condemnation , but the parallel structure along with less , and in a sense rabid attitude of Turkey with the AK Party and even pervazısc world leader blockade would thinks . Support of our nation until the end of the lesson to the field was parallel structures along Başbakanımızla . Our flag , our nation , our customs and traditions, most important of all these attacks against our religion if you have one account of Almighty Allah asks her account . When we continued unity and never parallel structures will not be successful . Trabzon on the part of the AK Party organization was always carried out with more . County again congratulate our president . AK Party congress in the past is always a feast . The best example of democracy in the AK Party have seen and continue to see . Why single list elections with democracy Flying how this is confusing their heads . Mayors, councilors, district president in the definition we always continue through consultation . Our success is one of the biggest indicator of this . About 18 candidates in 18 districts in unity and solidarity and good will enter into consultation with the elections . Democracy has manifested at the polls . 40 percent of our nation in Trabzon, beginning with the interests of the AK Party has 71 percent leap . Now the new Turkey's new prime minister and Turkey's need of significant value is a science and political figure in the world of international politak the peerless value Ahmet Davutoglu, together with received the votes of protection as well as to put up on more and more will try . 2015 election is the pride of our head crown our mayor of our great service with our citizens near'll go and 2023 to achieve the goal votes started to ask , \"he said .
Parliament AK Party Deputy Group Chairman of Adiyaman deputy Ahmet Aydin , related to the agenda issues expressed at all costs, regardless of the solution process would continue until the end .
Aydin, \"along with the AK Party politics will be like nothing we said before . We opened a new, clean page behalf of the nation . We are going to make on the principles of politics . Our values ​​have said. If the value of what we value in our nation , we said it . We are going to make policy on behalf of the nation . All investments are going to do all the work of all services will be at the center of said human . The country's 77 million people said they all will be valuable . Our people have first-class also . Let's be together and we said a brother . Today, at this point in 7 regions is first in Turkey if the AK Party , as the nation's aspirations for the future if we were able to achieve them . Saying exactly what we were able to very serious steps , especially now in the process of unity and brotherhood . 2 years does not come close to the martyr's funeral a while . On behalf of the nation to be the master of this nation have taken serious steps to pave the point . A lot of the opposition have taken steps not establish even imagine . They have done for this nation . Sometimes , Kurds, Alevis , sometimes religious , sometimes more , sometimes ethnic and sectarian groups were marginalized in the past , was all alone even in a one-party system has been denied , has been ignored. That's an order , such a troubled process in the country has brought serious problems . If someone tries to make you like prints and force today, the events in Syria are similar incident . Being Kurdish , Turkish , being them being Arab is not in our hands . What are things to be proud of them or the place . I was chanting their appreciation . Allah says believers are brothers . So the recovery from the brothers must . There is no one superior to anyone . The important thing is to be a man , be a man is to succeed . 77 million people who matter , the idea of ​​whatever the AK Party as it serve the people to feel obligated not know , \"he said .
\" BROTHERHOOD will provide \"
solution process with the fraternity would provide records Aydin , \"the Brotherhood will Sagle . But we dedikçe unity , brotherhood dedikçe one always talked about separatism . Someone always has behset of discrimination . No matter what the cost settlement process will continue together until the end . The solution process is not an alternative to public order . Who may say what we have to ensure public order , we will provide . State what measures to take if you need that measures will be taken , \"he said .
Then the AK Party Trabzon deputy , Prof. Dr. Aydin Bıyıklıoğlu , folks want to serve the AK Party is never the problem get rid of the failed stated MP Safia Seymenoğlu Trabzon always do whatever he said.
Trabzon Mayor Dr. Orhan Fevzi GÜMRÜKÇÜOĞLU the \"of the assembly in the presence of democracy receive a portion of the Southeast into a bloodbath translate striving to our people will not leave . As anyone who do not receive a portion of democracy . Do you mensuplarımızs organization carrying this country on their shoulders . About metropolitan and district of Trabzon's first big successes I congratulate members of the organization . District and provincial congresses at all levels in the Trabzon Municipality together with Metropolitan in any way to be involved . We Do kardeşimizs . Duty to embrace all of you and we are conscious of it and şuurund . In the same unity and solidarity , while these candidates , if I hear these candidates support Katten believe . All the same with love and respect will embrace . \"
Environment and Urban Development Deputy Minister Muhmamet Axe , Trabzon better service to work for, he said.
Speaking after the party three semesters completing district presidents were given plaques . Khairat District President Saleh Öztel a plaque Parliamentary Group Deputy Chairman Ahmet Aydin , Araklı District Chairman Mustafa Tekinbas plaque AK Party Trabzon deputy , Prof. Dr. Aydin Bıyıklıoğlu , arsine District Chairman Farabi Hacıhasanoğlu the plaque of the AK Party Trabzon Deputy Safia SEYMENOĞLU was presented .

AK Party Presidential Advisory Council Meeting of Trabzon Province" comments for.


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