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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:52

AK Party Provincial Advisory Council Meeting was held

AK Party Provincial Advisory Council Meeting was held
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Nigde Province Emrah AK Party Chairman Özdemir, the AK Party was established 10 years since the entry into the selection , and that equaled their own record by emerging victorious from the elections , he said.

Niğde news:
AK Party Provincial Advisory Council Meeting was held at the Cultural Center . Provincial Advisory Council meeting, AK Party Deputy Chairman Nükhet hot , the AK Party Nigde Deputy Omar Cypress Provincial General Assembly President Mahmoud Cash , Provincial President Emrah Ozdemir, Central District President Omer Kilic, borough presidents and joined the party .
The meeting's opening speech Ak Party in Nigde President Emrah Ozdemir,'AK Party , founded August 14 since 2001, attended the third general election for the first Local Scale General Election , 3 Local Elections , the second referendum, the first presidential election for a total of 10 constituencies lived and the choices each equaled their own record by time emerged victorious .
Cumhuriye Finally, for the first time in our country's history , that is directly elected by the people have left behind victory in the presidential election . Today, one of every two people at this point AK Party , and the other is the AK Party candidate .'He said.
AK Party in Nigde organization this election results a special meaning Pointing out that Özdemir:'the 2002 general elections since the referendum, including those for the first time in an election average of Turkey from 8 per cent on a vote highest Nigde average we caught the difference . Overall , the election results in Turkey in particular is a result should be interpreted differently in Nigde . All single opposition candidate has taken place. Nigde the first time in political history as the percentage of votes with 59 percent of the average in Turkey has exceeded eight points . This success of this organization of labor , is the result of dedication ,'he said .
Özdemir ;''5 . The usual convention and 2015 elections in our country for our best prepare the political, economic , foreign policy and developments in all areas of Inspectors to ; To prepare for the next period's mind is top priority .
creating polls on October 19, 2014 by our Organization members will perform the election of delegates . The whole county convention in November and December we are planning to complete our congress and four towns . Our provincial congress sees fit our headquarters in January will be held on the date , \"he said .
AK Party Deputy Omar Nigde Cypress'Nigde to farmers this year ; Cold Storage , Grains and Fertilizer Packing Plants , Solar Power System, pickle plant, beekeeping , poultry , Nuts , The Factory as well as 15 pieces of agricultural plant 6 million pounds grant verildi.ayrı by 490 farmers , agricultural tools and machinery 60 farmers with irrigation investments was established these investments in the 3 million pounds grant , on the other hand KOP Administration de Nigde farmers 19 pieces barn/corral construction and modernization of the 335 Head Coach for the purchase of the 3 million pounds in total, including Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry by Nigde farmers 12 million pounds of agricultural support was given . Source of Ecemiş Nigde, Aksaray Boron and drinking water supply works \"Konya Closed Basin Master Plan\"within the scope of the work is carried out. In this context, \"prepared Ecemiş Source of Water Supply Preliminary Report \"in November 2013 DS 4th Regional Directorate sunulmuştur.ds District Office report their opinion about March 2014 , the DSI General Directorate of May 2014 has submitted . Nigde, Aksaray, with the incorporation of boron and the whole basin and drinking water needs on the basis of population estimates in April 2014 containing the report was submitted to DSI . Opinion on the report was given in June 2014 . The data obtained from the municipality was asked to be approved by the authorities , they are going to collect . This report in the coming days to DSI will , following the approval of \"Ecemiş Source of Water Supply Report\"was completed.
By population water usage report is prepared in the coming months will be completed hopefully .
Ecemiş sources of water supply on the Master Plan, the scope of the studies in this will be completed . Following an advanced stage of DSI will tender the planning work . This will be followed by the final project procurement and construction contract'he said.
AK Party Deputy Chairman in Hot Nükhet is:'Turkey has put its very large targets . To imagine the AK Party government , has learned to perform after imagined . There's no party until today,'let's have dreamed'in the sense you get . AK Party did it , then we will continue to do together . Our party has been established after the ruling was about 1 year . Mr. President, we put forward the principles and stance in which it faced more and more in favor of our people took in every election . We've never seen ourselves as elected elites . Our glass houses , detached from the people at the desk in our room, we produce projects . Internal strife in many parts of the world , conflicts, provocation of war or in a cradle , or inside. Takes place in a real ring of fire in our country and many other countries . Some are trying to pull our country into the vortex . Let go of the AK Party are sinking the country , never to be accepted arguments are provoking events . But praise the strong and robust , especially a government that serves our understanding . These types of events are suppressed by not challenge chaos and can not be taken in any way into this vortex . 2023 is rapidly advancing a vision of a country we continue our topic'said he .


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