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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:00

AK Party Provincial President of Gunnar \"Kahramanmaras Street \"Description

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The AK Party Provincial Chairman Adnan Gunnar made ​​a statement regarding the closure of the debate Kahramanmaras Street traffic .

Trabzon news: Photo Gunnar , Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Young Kahramanmaras Avenue on the subject is raised in the post press releases relating to traffic closure of a portion of the AK Party Trabzon Provincial Chairman of the \"Resolution , subject to Kahramanmaras Street should be closed to traffic''in the press statement he recalled that takes place . Photo Trabzon Drivers and Vehicle Chamber President Turan after the description of the recently Altuntaş later said the AK Party group Gunnar stated that they evaluate the meeting \"meeting at the end with all of our district and metropolitan municipalities president , and our all councilors , Ortahisar Mayor Mr. . Ahmed Text Ganja drivers and Vehicle Chamber President Mr . unacceptably said heavy and hurtful remarks by Altuntaş and has exceeded even order , we want to indicate that the awareness that indecent words is precious driver's association president at the thought can not be expressed in our tradesmen condemned by us of these words . Street closure of Kahramanmaras traffic issue is a subject on the agenda for a long time , the solution work is done by our Municipality . Kahramanmaras street , like Shoemaker Avenue and Long Street , like our fellow citizens to achieve a decent case we also ask that in terms of traffic . I offer my respect to the agenda this issue by sharing our valuable Trabzon opinion will help people to more constructive work for our city to show the importance of the style of those in the position to represent it to be positive, \"he said .

AK Party Provincial President of Gunnar \"Kahramanmaras Street \"Description" comments for.


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