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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 19:12

AK Party's Central District Congress Karabük

AK Party's Central District Congress Karabük
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AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin , on the settlement process \"National Unity and Brotherhood Project'as we called it , and the public'solution process\"is a process known as the scourge of terrorism , we start to finish .

Karabük news: Such a process does not start the first time in Turkey. The AK Party is the first time we initiate such a process . Bülent Ecevit was started this process but failed , \"he said .
AK Party Deputy Chairman Mehmet Ali Sahin , Istanbul Culture and Tourism Directorate of the party held at the Cultural Center Conference Hall Karabük Central District attended the 5th Ordinary Congress . Speaking at the Congress Falcons terror to solve the problem that important steps have been taken Recalling, \"National Unity and Brotherhood Project\"as we called it , the public \"solution process\", we began the process known as . such a process did not start for the first time in Turkey. terror was tried , you know when the captured leader of the organization , to heavy imprisonment was sentenced and placed İmralı'nın . 1998-1999'l of years . the late Bulent Ecevit, the Prime Minister. then the Democratic Left Party , the Nationalist Movement Party and Motherland Party after the election coalition government was formed . after the 1999 election . That government period was contacted by the leader of the terrorist organization. wrote a letter to the leader of the terrorist organization.'leave the gun , armed elements are going abroad as'. He wrote in a letter last year , or Nowruz , read Diyarbakir square . In 1999, it was written government.'They want to were the'I's take advantage to end the terror of the ringleader of this terrorist organization , has since impact on his organization , that man is currently rested with us , let's take advantage . \"He also wrote'drop weapons , armed elements are going abroad as'. He wrote in a letter last year , or Nowruz , the square was read in Diyarbakir . In 1999, it was written government. Really began to go abroad elements of the terrorist organization , were raided and killed 500 people, while an important part of the group . That process ended up there . Who did it? What did he do that for? Thus began a process whereby , were going out , why it was denied ? This course is also an issue to be investigated. Surely he knows those who know it. Now began such a process. In 2013 he wrote a letter Nowruz.'Now armed struggle period is finished . Now the problem will be solved by talking politics period will begin on the table and'the statement said . Then came lull in Turkey. Now, was not it the martyr funerals , \"he said .
Armed elements but can come out of the transfer of 20 percent of the Falcon, \"Today I listened to the news. Our President has announced the aircraft was returning from Turkmenistan newspaper .'They would come through but they have different elements in a terrorist organization. Each head comes a voice. They fulfill their promises , \"he says . We are the government as prime minister of Turkey Abdullah Gül , especially our own initiative to recover from this disaster , Recep Tayyip Erdogan , Turkey has launched a project to save the trouble of putting his hand under the stone itself . This is a very brave step . Previously launched late Bulent Ecevit has failed , \"he said. Photo Sahin, that tribute door for some terror, stating that the return to the terrorist mafia because of the fight against terrorism in Turkey that provide annuity, stressed that they also want to end the terror. Photo \"TURKEY Y , we want to save the trouble \"Photo Solution process not a terrorist organization, the interlocutor of the government , the people ie 77 million is telling Sahin, said:Photo \"Such we want to save Turkey from trouble. Coming up, pillaging shop burned into throwing Molotov cocktails . They're doing it two . There are easy to make tradesman ? Tradesmen's checks , promissory notes , a property. There simply ring , in Diyarbakır, Muş in , our citizens in Van , I call our trades . Karabük , Kastamonu, Zonguldak , Bartin , Çankırı one such actions into gorse our artisans , our lives do not allow them here , oppose , resist . You quit against the members of this region , the response data. Why are their'shops will be closed from the'click'so they're closing . Since his first wife and your child's livelihood from this shop , you will meet this bench. They went there throwing bombs into your countertop. React, having quit your right , your national law . Yes, the state will come with the state's duty is to provide security , but also help the state affairs. He also had some blame the people of the region of this business. Unity against the terrorist organization in relation to there , be together .'Our wife and child here , we seek bread. Why are you playing us our jobs ? \"He shows the response , be together . \"Photo \"KOP NEW'< strong> DEK EVENTS EXCUSE WAS \"
that Turkey should end the terror for faster development , but do not want it found that the record Sahin, \"We will eliminate Isidor in Syria ,\"said Turkey on the true goal which with the help of the air , the government had to impede the settlement process is initiated by the . the pretext of events in Kobani'yi began October 6 to 7 events. Aim the solution process National Unity and Brotherhood Project'include us in'they want to say ,'We in let you make us unaware of why this works ?'they mean. according to the determination of a historian since Karlowitz Treaty Turkey is a very important issue only with free will , the initiative started to unravel . Turkey , I always try to solve the most important problems previously with the help of others. It was bothering someone , but who do no matter what , we think the interests of our country. We want to walk in to the future peace and security of our people . As in every area of ​​National Unity and Brotherhood Project , we have demonstrated this end, we strive to show our best effort to achieve the target , \"he said .

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