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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 08 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 18:58

AK Party's Central District President 5th Ordinary Congress Held

AK Party's Central District President 5th Ordinary Congress Held
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AK Party Central District President Nevsehir 5. Ordinary Congress was held in Cappadocia Nevsehir Municipality Culture and Art Center .

Nevşehir news: Photo Cappadocia, Nevsehir Municipality Culture and Art Center held in the Central District Chairman of AK Party Nevsehir 5. Ordinary Congress ; Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Celik In addition , the AK Party Nevsehir Deputies A. Erdal Feral by Murat Göktürk, Abu Bakr Gizligid , AK Party provincial chairman Mehmet Ali Tanrıver , Nevsehir Mayor Hasan Unver , district and village mayors and numerous party participated in . Photo silence and the National Anthem began his opening speech at the congress by reading the AK Party Central District President Saleh Açıkgöz did . The canny ever thanking serving all friends with him to the party will be a new government wished success . The President Photo Provincial Mehmet Ali Tanrıver , MPs and Mayor Hasan Unver then Faruk Ministers from the podium Steel , said . < Br/> \"Today, here with boyfriend Nevşehirliyan 5th Ordinary Congress has'm extremely happy to be with you . first of all I would like to thank all our friends who lent their services before that the AK Party organization , I wish you success in the hereafter will work to all our friends. Today, working in here is really a harmony I'm extremely happy to see the party organization . Deputy of our friends , our Mayor , I see they are doing extremely harmonious work our Provincial President . within the Union draw the future of Turkey , trying to serve the future of our Nevşehir'i millet I say per our other cities. And all of them separately Thank you . Now we Muharrem's November . I hope the entire month of Muharram in the Islamic world, bringing no . Now we have a global economy, there are serious difficulties have serious problems in the world economy is shrinking. In a developing country like ours there . Countries like ours is developing well . They sell produce to countries which are developing countries. They contraction contraction when going from us . There is such a shortage in the world. Now we want to enter in EU countries have one too. There are two shortages in the European Union . Political stability in the sense that they can not find one of them. I once attended a meeting of Labour and Social Council of Ministers in the UK. They said,'How do you ensure unity of political stability in Turkey. Lives of the us government began to stroke two years. Political stability is no'they said.'I will not say anything to you . However , if you call Tayyip Erdogan will show you the way in this regard ,'I said . He laughed when they looked at us with envy really are . Europeans had brought stability they know what this is really good. There are also no political stability in their structural problems . They gave $ 300 billion to Greece . But looking at Greece's disappeared. We either serve us $ 300 billion and if they are made ​​with the permission of Allah can do twice the triples . But faced with such a such a European Union European Union in Turkey contradictions at work in their lives . District intertwined with a thousand difficulties. Friends , we Nevşehirliyan We did not invent the Arab spring. We have to remove the Arab spring as Turkey. Current conflict in Iraq, Iraq will be very nice to be okay , will be central Iraq who say Iraq bombs rained . They revealed their policies revealed . \"Photo Steel, said:Photo \"before the Arab spring in Syria before the popular movement to advise Turkey . We also do. Listen to the people , take advantage of Turkey's democracy , he said Assad . Our current Prime Minister told them exactly 6 hours . One more was told to go again. Look's approach to public bomb , these people sit closer to the democratization of the armed ring will stand behind you . We, as Turkey , we will give every support as neighbors. Now they say that you were so good with Syria, Syria was also broken by what happened to you , what is the reason they ask . Bravo to bomb his own people or anyone formerly friendly oil that we grenades period we will continue to launch called friendship isfor God's sakedo something like Turkey. Do not understand that incapable . Almost disappeared borders between Turkey and Syria . We've got up and went threw Ministers 18 signatures . The emergence of this table nearly two countries while Turkey is not the only state in the mood towards the integration of the Syrian government disregarding the will of the nation and the nation bombs rain . Neither Syria nor Iraq photo photo photo neither corn nor Middle Eastern photo is a photo that is not formed under the leadership of Turkey Turkey's desire . The last frame of the photo is Kobani'yi . \"Photo Minister Faruk Çelik's speech after the AK Party was elected Chairman of the Central District as the current Chairman of the Central District President Saleh Açıkgöz party's re-entering a single list.

AK Party's Central District President 5th Ordinary Congress Held" comments for.


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