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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:22

AK Party Talks in Amasya Grupbaşkanvekil Row

AK Party Talks in Amasya Grupbaşkanvekil Row
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AK Party group vice president, M.

Amasya news: AK Party group vice president, M. Belma line , \"Republic 365 days committed ,\"he said .
Party of Amasya Presidency of Ferhat and Sirin Lovers Museum Hall organized by the provincial advisory committee meeting in his speech at the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave to 29 indicating their participation in the October reception M. Belma Line , \"Republican People's Party leader and have taken a decision to celebrate the competent bodies of the October 29th the feast , I think. Yesterday he made ​​me sit in my neighborhood announcements and so on. what is done to make the show to create a sensation like on any given day not . We are the Republic of Turkey , from past to future , everyone living in this region , producing in this region , we respect anyone who attain mercy . It's not just a week. Republic 365 days committed . not Supposedly, we love the essence of the republic. to bring this country further point we always work together , we will try . again happy our Republic Day , will be happy. Day in , I hope we will always go through it together , \"he said .
opposition criticized the AK Party group vice president row , \"never a good opposition did in Turkey. Which shows in Turkey , trying to save the day , without any project , no horizon, no opposition has an opposition team. Therefore, the continuation of the Justice and Development Party for stability hopefully be back to power . Will and our governments will continue , \"he said . Travel events for the destruction of the Photo AKP government , the closure case , mentioning that the testing of the memorandum and finally Kopani event line , unity to overcome all of them emphasized that they had successfully passed a stand against the unity and common sense . < br/> in the program, AKP deputy Avni Erdemir Amasya , Amasya Mayor Cafer Özdemir, the AK Party provincial chairman Mehmet Ünek , mayors, joined the party leaders and the party .

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