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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 09:35

AK Party Turgut, Projects Talked to party members

AK Party Turgut, Projects Talked to party members
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AK Party candidate for Mayor Huseyin Aydin Turgut Efeler, 'AK Municipality' working day and night in order to gain an understanding Aydin said.

Aydın news: AK Party Intellectuals Efeler Mayor hopefuls Hussein Turgut, 'AK Municipality' understanding of Aydin in order to gain work day and night, he said.
AK Party Intellectuals Efeler Mayor hopefuls Hussein Turgut selection process, carried out in the work and projects of the AK Party Efeler District Organization told members. Turgut,"AK Party's provincial and central districts of the organizational structure to have qualified staff with Aydin both major cities in both the 17 districts receive is strong enough that everyone should know. Sincerity and merit owner chord staff with the unity and solidarity in opposition council ousted, municipality a school and school, the current municipal understanding Aydın to give our day and night will try. these things, your wealth of experience, you teşkilatçılıg is our intimacy, vision, competence and energy with our blends will achieve. Cities; primarily of people living in civilization and development of mirrors, each city administrator's understandable culture of the society and compatible with the values ​​of rational carried a city with a vision that is obliged. moral and social justice is a city management in urban policy is the foundation. realistic and viable strategy, I believe city residents will mobilize. Cities powerful positioning of the loans benefit from the visitors, investors and new residents can attract. we reveal our project proposal with the citizen's demands and expectations of effective solutions for producing one hand, large projects bring it up citizen-centered politics of the concept of these projects countrymen Our one-to-life that may facilitate aspects should argue,"he said.
AK Party's municipal both a school and a school pointed out that Turgut,"In this context, local government ushered into power a political movement, the permission of Allah, the organization with the support of both Efeler centers in the district, as well as large in the city will be in power from is no doubt not. We service insanıyız own apartment within a brother serve as your point candidate for this task were appreciated, countenance organization and our great favor of our. AK Party nomination even be an honor. Candidate If we are not absolutely sulk or do not go, candidate of brother disposal whatever we do. Services competent people name for the front of the necessarily a title that is not absolutely essential country, folks who love the region where they live and the city being beneficial to the sincerity and thought the people in the 'No title liderlik' do it,"he said.

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