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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 13:46

AK Party was held in Usak Delegate Selection

AK Party was held in Usak Delegate Selection
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AK Party in Usak Province and District Organization , 5th Ordinary Congress delegates were to vote .

Uşak news:
Ataturk Cultural Center, the Central District election of delegates to the Provincial Head of the Persian Lightning , Central District Chairman Mehmet Aslan , Deputy Mayor Hakan Uludag , the Provincial General Assembly President Mehmet Nacar, Usak former deputy Nuri Uslu, the AK Party, former Provincial Chairman Alice Light and joined the party . In addition to butler Central Banaz , Esme , Ulubey , Karahallı and Sivaslı election of delegates at the same time began. A total of 24 thousand 500 members of the AK Party finds Usak Province Organization members from each district identified 400 delegates . 2 thousand 400 delegates elected to office space , which will be held in February 2015 to vote in the provincial congress . In a speech before the election of delegates to the Central District Chairman Mehmet Aslan , the party enters the game increases in every election and won the favor of the citizens , he said . Recep Tayyip Erdogan, elected president by the AK Party will go away as a defensive sector noted that Mehmet Naci , \"The President and the Prime Minister Despite the change in the economy is still any troubles happened. Because the AK Party, the Turkish political history in the institutionalized is the only party . Room and elections are ready . in this context, today 19 neighborhood our delegates are determined. Partition town and attached to the center 90 in the village of election of delegates is done.coming days, district and provincial congress we will do. Convention our process in a democratic environment will pass, \"he said.
Party of Turkey obstacles remove and guardianship system finished stating Provincial Chairman Persian Lightning , congress period after the general election process would start said. Basri Lightning, \"the AK Party came to power , a corrupt economy took over and soon our country deadlock was . Turkish lira again bring credit to our government has taken steps towards democratization also made ​​significant progress has been . Solution process of decomposition , which ended the AK Party government , military tutelage finished. Now at this point there are forces that want to harm . But what would they do if they do , they will not harm peace and brotherhood , \"he said . Delegates the basis of merit determined by the voicing Persian Lightning , said:\"Only the delegates , not the provincial and district bodies working in the field , also merit basis will determine . Party elders also act in this way wanted to be . Democracy and merit concessions will not be given . Ahead of us an important choice more there . 2,015 in the first six-month period, the general election air to live , and we our nation new era in accordance with the Constitution support for'll ask . sagacious the acts and our country for 12 years successfully AK Party cadres who trust our nation , again, the right decision will be , \"he said . On the other hand , the Provincial General Assembly President Mehmet Naci a previous era Usak Deputy Chairman Ali Nuri Uslu and former City Light also made ​​a speech . Speaking after the election of delegates began.


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