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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:01

Ak President , Market Surveillance Output

Ak President , Market Surveillance Output
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Keçiören Municipality Kecioren to control his neighborhood police teams in the market for Mayor Mustafa Ak also attended.

Ankara news: Citizens healthy and indicating control of unremitting they continue to make safe shopping President Creative Commons \"Our tradesmen in Control both raise the awareness of being warned not correct the shortcomings of both . While shopping our citizens , all measures taken are to encounter a negative while the sales of our tradesmen situation,\"he said. Photo Yeşiltepe Street markets and promenade with police teams check Kecioren Municipality Chairman Mustafa Ak , chatted with shoppers Keçiörenl citizens . President asking for the sake of the Ak trades Sunday , citizens more comfortable , peaceful and secure shopping said that the importance of the police in order to make inspections . Artisans selling in open markets , and citizens the President pointed out that they provide facilitation services taking all measures to ensure that they experience difficulties while shopping Ak, \"every day of the week in 39 market areas established in Keçiören different quarters , stalls of the general order and cleanliness until the evening removed from the morning setup is given great importance . outfit of trades Sunday , identity cards, price tags, controls the measurement and weighing is done in a routine manner . it also ensured that they can control the products they take our citizens with electronic scales . shoppers in the market place and get Keçiörenli who want to control the weight of the products that , for Keçiören Municipality of themselves allocated by able to use these electronic scales , \"he said . Photo Kecioren Municipality and Ankara markets Room Presidency in collaboration with stalls open all SDs Kecioren for the products they offer for sale to the craftsmen Council logo prices noted labels distributed president Ak, after collecting the evening counter market trades Do not put garbage bags for trash residues also be recalled that . President White , Center Municipality stating that they get to open stalls in the market Bureau neighborhood market by the Authority and its employees all SDs the trades recorded , \"redrawing the market places with asphalt drawing machine are waging a counter number to each artisan . We are writing as the number is read in front of the stalls area . Our Thus citizens which trades and can more comfortable and secure shopping because they know they get the goods from the few number counter. in addition, the district disrupt peace in our market , in the ill-treatment of citizens to obey the rules and do not tolerate definitely an eye on the shouting selling SDs shopkeepers . the bench by canceling the location of trades in this type of behavior we're shutting down \"shared the information . Photo of the audit is to raise awareness while sales of trades also President noted Ak, \"neighborhood markets have an important role in meeting the food needs of the people. our artisans in the audits are warned not correct the deficiencies as both raise the awareness . When shopping our citizens , taken all measures to encounter a negative situation while also selling our tradesmen . All services are provided in order to cleaning up our markets. Rights and health of the citizens is of paramount importance for us \"was the message.

Ak President , Market Surveillance Output" comments for.


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