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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:48

Akbal Democratic Economic Assessment Conference

Akbal Democratic Economic Assessment Conference
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Southeastern Association of Young Businessmen ( GÜNGİAD ) Chairman Hakan Akbal , held last week in Van found in the assessment of the Democratic Conference on Economics .

Diyarbakır news: Photo Democratic Society Congress by recently Van actual Democratic Economics Conference of related views explaining GÜNGİAD President Hakan Akbal , the final declaration of the conference , the region's economy and the economy said that politically quite narrow and discussed through a weak economic infrastructure. Generate excitement in the first place with a powerful header and conferences forming expectations , develop perspectives on the economy , on the right axis and make accurate predictions stating that inadequate Akbal , the region recorded whether accurate understanding of economic issues and priorities. Akbal , identified deficiencies and recommends that were listed as follows:Photo \"we as organizations representing the business are the main problem in our region is less development , less than the sophistication of the main indicators of our region to insufficient share of the GDP , accordingly person well below the stay of the national income of the country's average per , in addition to the lack of income per capita and the ratio of our region, GNP , inequitable income distribution becoming a major problem in the region, poverty and injustice deepened in the largest source last year a structural problem that is based on transforming the problem of unemployment , employment subject Although the basic problem is that the current employment to be seen in the mostly agricultural activities , accordingly , especially female labor , is no longer visible due to hidden unemployment problems in agriculture, in the absence of a sufficient accumulation of capital in general , migration, population mobility, widespread practice of capital and qualified human migration that is . \"Photo Akbal , react to the concepts raised in the conference , stressed the problems can not be solved with the concept . Akbal , \"In our view , the comprehensive identify structures such as regional economics or geography of the area should be discussed primarily in the circumstances mentioned above. Economy of the main problems of the production relations with approaches such as excluding the communes and collectives and to propose solutions to the economic system does not mean anything other than purity. Soil , water ambiguous concepts such as energy komünleştiril of the region, but produces new contradictions. Small in economic unit , to train tomatoes as a kind of tourist activity , vegetable, fruit do , you can please their hobby groups, but if the economic future of the region in question , the encoding of a system far beyond hobby activities and must be operated . Conference , the approach that gives priority to social justice in access to energy in the region, local sources of raw materials , to produce value-added production to the criticism of the sale as raw , ecosystem priorities find the sensitivity that they should be constructed in a very right we are , we support and to express that we attend to the end we want. Cradle of civilization , especially our announcements earlier in this thread that was destroyed by the various grounds of the Tigris river , the river ecosystem if ignored , illegal water extraction, we noted that tended to dry for reasons such as sand extraction . Therefore cares about its sensitivity on the ecosystem of the conference and we believe that at every level support and ownership should be , \"he said .
\" Kurds own bourgeoisie must DEVELOPMENT \"Photo Kurds one of the people who first identified the need to create their own bourgeois Turgut Özal stated that Akbal , \"when transferring a memory associated with Ozal of a journalist friend , friend me , Diyarbakır Municipality yet before moving to metropolitan status, period of the Mayor Nurettin made ​​in the room wish a very special meeting Turgut Ozal Nurettin Wishes and room to those in the turning of ill fate of only the Kurds is possible to create their own bourgeoisie and what really needs to be done by supporting the Kurdish capital but also emphasizes that to ensure its development and that day was a continuing effort for the development of Özal, especially in the capital. Gaziantep, Malatya , it turned out that way as the industrial city of Maras surprise . Environment and committed approach to the ecosystem , although the most powerful aspects of the conference , TMJ speculative economy and relations of production and communes in the executive power of this fiction, the approach that it represents a collective we think that also forms the weaknesses of the conference. Unlike dynamic element and the locomotive of the economy of thought is reached at this conference bourgeois class. Whether the urban middle class , the bourgeoisie wants to be the most dynamic elements of the production and trade should be noted that at the center of economic activities. I want to express that by drawing the golden Therefore , the Kurds must create strategies that will improve their own bourgeoisie , \"he said .

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