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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 16:00

Akbal ; \"Düzce is constantly evolving \"

Akbal ; \
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Young MUSIAD President Farouk Akbal and Young MÜSIAD office in Düzce surprised board members made ​​a fake program .

Düzce news: Young MUSIAD President Farouk Akbal and Young MÜSIAD office in Düzce surprised board members made ​​a fake program . Düzce Branch hosted the colorful scenes was the fake .
Young MUSIAD full squad of members of the Central Executive Committee attended the Iftar program in Ankara after returning from Ankara fake program was conducted in Düzce . Young MUSIAD President Farouk Akbal program , as well as Deputy Chairman , Head of the Board of Directors , Serkan Duzce Branch President Young MÜSIAD Verep and board members attended the meeting. Sahr of Düzce in the program and the projects planned projects were discussed. Young MUSIAD President Farouk Akbal , Düzce very quickly has evolved underlined .
Akbal \"Düzce left as we have made . Duzce, Duzce that already people living in the human atrocities of human capital Praise the capital's most beautiful young müsiad'ı us are experiencing . Great're delighted . MÜSIAD civil society in the sense that the country is a very serious manner established in our country and even our nation prospect . too serious representatives has become . youth MÜSIAD that such a mission with it in the future to prepare with a mission fictional construction. Düzce in young müsiad'ı in our Praise this purpose is very nice to serve . Both young MÜSIAD Düzce found the most success my point organization to speak such as the door has a team stronger.communication is very successful corporate communication very successfully using . Public communication is very successfully using . civil society organizations to be first among communication with civil society is the society . It makes sense that organizations are closely monitored . Shortly before the conquest program , mothers day organization , whether it be the lover with the organizations , whether it be women's day organization , whether it be books and toys piggy bank organization , whether it be for the members of the organization get thankfully Young müsiad'ı our identity is very nice in a way that reflects the work . Therefore congratulate our friends in Düzce . Young MÜSIAD Düzce branch is showing us that very clear . A time to live the spirit of the young MÜSIAD excuses are always like . We say no to the city's potential . Do not say that. We also do not like . But a're looking Düzce . Constantly developing our city . There is a thriving young MÜSIAD it faster . This shows the following . It actually came together and created synergy that can produce very large values ​​. With a population of 3-5 million Düzce Today we export our town is not one of the 10 highest . There are other assets in the economic sense , but do not have them . But this in no way excuses it here Not a youth refuge . On the contrary, a strong acumen that can achieve the objectives of a young MÜSIAD constitute \"he said.
\"Düzce his organizations are the projects that we support, \"said Akbal ,\"Branch jointly organized with our organization we have many . This summer regarding the subject will continue to do our work . Let camid our organization will be this summer in Düzce . Very nice work will continue to work with it . Yet international Congress of Young Business man 2 years we're doing this again Düzce is very well organized . Again, this will be our reward Turkey Young Business man in Düzce still in a very powerful way to demonstrate this potential, I think would work well in terms . Each work is already done Düzce our project already . By Headquarters have also owned happening . That's why the organization is not over , \"he said .
Akbal MÜSIAD Young finally Serkan Duzce President thanked hence Verep studies .

Akbal ; \"Düzce is constantly evolving \"" comments for.


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