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  • 26 Eylül 2013, Perşembe 10:44

Akbil closing speed

Akbil closing speed
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Although the great convenience of Smart Ticket application, especially in big cities are now much more practical method Akbil leave the location.

Üçkıtanın different geographies brings together business and technology leaders in Istanbul IT Summit continues. Summit introduced to a variety of projects. AKBİL'in much attention drawn to the most used public transport smart phone application.

almost all people using public transport. So it is indispensable, especially the people of Istanbul. However, each phone in the coming days Akbil will.

yapılabilirken phone charging units are installed with the application will automatically display the information will be reflected in the upcoming buses.

the written statement, Baraçlı'nın, Public Transportation Week activities organized under the Transist 2011 IV. Transportation Symposium and Exhibition on the second day, on the development of new models of public transport payment systems studied said.

According to the statement, and this is called Baraçlı NFC mobile phone technology, which will stop the system bus can be seen paying close attention to the details of and information on the line,"as the public transport service İETT any new technology to improve the quality and customer satisfaction are closely monitored,"he said.

What is NFC?

Sticky Thread Sticky

implementation of NFC mobile phone to make payments and top-load and will be able to transfer credits. NFC smart posters placed in the stalls (smart label) devices, mobile phones with NFC technology, and information on the approximation line data bus can be seen, which will stop. Furthermore, the operator organization following the intense lines of the number of passengers in bus stops, buses will be able to identify a more efficient manner, and accordingly, the optimization of the line

Akbil closing speed" comments for.


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