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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 10:55

Akçadağ Headmen Association Elected Presidency Job Gönültaş

Akçadağ Headmen Association Elected Presidency Job Gönültaş
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The mayor of the town of Malatya Association Akçadağ Gönültaş was elected Chairman of the Job .

Malatya news: Photo Akçadağ The mayor made ​​in the General Assembly building Euphrates Development Agency Development Association Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Abraham did Gezer council presidency . The congress result Akçadağ Quarter Headmen Association elected to the Fatih district Headman Eyup Gönültaş , as an association is to ensure unity in Akçadağ the primary objective of specifying noted the following expressions:Photo \"Akçadağ The mayor's our goal the first day we decided to form the Association of years, long before the Akçadağ Union to catch the association longing beyond the tie distress. the mayor of both our citizens with new regulations Why we established as the Association is to deliver faster solutions to the problems of our chairman. of Akçadağl of our people services deserve the best . we have established our association with our Mukhtar friend for this. I would like to thank everyone who contributed in the establishment of our Association . \"Photo Akçadağ the mayor of the new government formed after the General Assembly held in association formed in the following way:Photo Eyup Gönültaş , Turgay Sun , Birol Ugly , Falcon Yeğin, Haji Altintop , Joseph Durmus, Bekir Durmus, Veysel Özkan and Ibrahim Inal .

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