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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 19:06

Akdagmadeni Filiz Yilmaz Preschool Education Unit was inaugurated

Akdagmadeni Filiz Yilmaz Preschool Education Unit was inaugurated
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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's wife Emine established in Erdogan's auspices Community Development Center Education and Social Solidarity Association ( TOGEMD is ) Charitable Businessman Zia made ​​by Yilmaz support Akdagmadeni Filiz Yilmaz Preschool unit opening was opened with a ceremony .

Yozgat news: Photo ceremony, Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, Yozgat Deputy Governor Yavuz Day , Yozgat deputies Ertuğrul Soysal, Joseph Baser, Akdagmadeni Governor Ahmet Yildiz, Akdagmadeni Mayor Subhi Dastan , Togemd President Felicity Gülbar , the Dapyap Owner Philanthropy joined Businessman Ziya Yilmaz and citizens .
Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, training of everyone's issue and that said he had a job to do for everyone from birth to death , \"we Akdagmadeni district was the scene of change in this sense kindergarten added a distinct beauty. Seven of happens in seventy people whatever they say. kindergarten children 7-year-old hand throw children's future to prepare the means to children in European countries, 3-year-old school initiates countries . If Turkey 4 + 4 + 4 getting started with the much discussed was the child how early start in education so succeed. Government by a kindergarten next to every school in the field of education we have made ​​significant investments . this has made two kindergarten Togemd is our province . the first gave Yenifakılı our towns and our second in 2012 . His mother is from here has been a driving force to make this investment here . I thank the philanthropist businessman Ziya Yilmaz and his family. None of investment in education has not been in vain . Because most powerful country in the world oil underground mines countries wealth is not gold . America Europe Japan has no mines . Not the source of the metals are not material wealth, power supply power supply information . Producing information that translates information technology , which converts power into their own country will be stronger. That's why we invest in education. Turkey's competition into the center of the science of the whole city , we want to dominate an understanding of all provinces adds . \"The Photo Ceremony Speakers district governor Ahmet Yildiz , thanked those who contributed in making the school. Later, speaking Togemd President Felicity Gülbar that , in 2005 Community Development said they dreamed of such a day job while setting up the center, \"Turkey opened around our school and we want to get excited and glowing eyes . We wanted our children with love and affection of the teachers are now the main lap lap . Countries to prepare our children for tomorrow is the self-families of the tasks we . Our dreams come true . We planted fruit trees and giving . We'll build valuable Philanthropy us quite willing to plow new Kindergartens us , \"he said . Photo School has charitable businessman Ziya Yilmaz , stating that the mother in law from Akdagmadeni district , \"School is investing in human capital investments . Investing in the future is my biggest dream is to gain a university level of education my country we are going to proceed in a very low level of technology we need to increase our promotion of quality education . I just need to not expect anything from politicians and state . Businessmen to invest in training our country as we need to put our hands under the stone . I'm here today one of the most beautiful days of my life God bless everyone , \"he said . School opening ceremony, followed by a Photo plaque ceremony ended with the visit and kindergarten.

Akdagmadeni Filiz Yilmaz Preschool Education Unit was inaugurated" comments for.


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