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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:41

Akdeniz Municipality Supports Rural Development

Akdeniz Municipality Supports Rural Development
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The central district of Mersin Akdeniz Municipality Directorate of Agriculture has organized activities to support rural development in Akdeniz Kuzucu neighborhood.

Mersin news: Rural Development Support Institution in Photo Events Coordinator control professionals and Mersin Cukurova University, Faculty of Agriculture, Plant Protection Department , Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Spoke decent Uygur. Fifty percent of the grant by the European Union-supported rural development promoting transfer to producers about investments Rural Development Support Institution Mersin coordination of control specialists, producers, told what to do on the subject . Speaking after the control expert Professor Dr. Nezihi Uighur farmers gave information about diseases and solutions in fruits and vegetables . Uighurs , agriculture and pet conscious and circling in a modern way that gold needs to be done , will bring harm rather than benefit the struggle with rote method , he said. As answer questions from the manufacturer after the Photo Talk Uighur ongoing conversation, agriculture and support all kinds of livestock, the experts and can be obtained from free serving agricultural directorates in districts with provinces , he added . they thanked Photo Akdeniz Municipality of such an event is a manufacturer with Kuzucu neighborhood residents stating that the first time he realized Akdeniz Mayor Neşet Tarhan and Akdeniz Municipality of Agriculture Department of managers.

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