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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 06 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:18

Akdoğan ; Masjid-i-Aqsa Attacks Against Hard Criticises Language

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Deputy Prime Minister Yalcin Akdogan Israeli attack on the military's Al-Aqsa Mosque , \"He your dirty boots , but you do not pollute the places that you dirty yourself .

Ankara news: This is an application of the way to make a government out , \"he said .
Deputy Prime Minister Akdoğan , the AK Party Provincial Chairman of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality participated in the meeting held with the participation of representatives of civil society organizations in Ala Facility.
Meeting in Ankara Deputy Emrullah Affairs , AK Party Ankara Provincial Chairman Nedim patched and was attended by many civil society organizations representatives. Photo indicating a country that is common reasoning in itself the only political cadres of the common wisdom director Akdoğan , \"all segments of society with all communities , foundations, associations, and unions common motivation to carry out a common mind with excitement oil can only be this way. A portion of the platform under the umbrella of the national will in a part of our civil society organizations have contributed individually is really important in the process . Great demonstrated a moral stance. After the trip , they exhibited a great stability event. Civil society will have an output of our organization. He will not go out with a political party. It was the country's future will come with , \"he said .
Israel's Al-Aqsa expressing his attack could not be accepted Akdoğan , \"What happened yesterdaymay be an acceptable side of it? So brazenly in the 21st century ,there may be a reckless thing? a city of peace , a place of peace , a joint scheme called sanctuary will try to pollute the mosque there you enter your boots . Or your dirty boots , but you do not pollute the places that you dirty yourself. This is an application out of the way a government can do . May be on the way a group can exhibit behavior that can be perverted fanatic is easier to combat them. If a government is a government of a state road , then that's what will happen if you start to persecution ? then all humanity must come together. A common assumption is supposed to stand . Management of this cruel persecution in Israel in Gaza only , not doing in Palestine. The reckless attitude and barbarism exhibited in the holy places reveal it . If the Arab Spring in the Middle East today reversed , ruling that the nation has been overthrown by a coup choose , if tyrannical regimes continue to kill people here are two reasons why it is feared democracy . One is afraid of democracy authoritarian regime is afraid of the people's will . The second is Israel. Israel knows that I reflect the will of the people management is no management in countries in the region to their audience not this heresy. Can not remain silent in their persecution. That's why people are afraid of democracy. Behind the unrest experienced in many areas we need to see that this understanding , \"he said . Photo'as Turkey as confidence and stability monument in this turbulent region , we have to protect our position, \"said Akdogan, \"Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, too , when we look Egypt There is a great turmoil . Turkey has rising as the stability of the monument . Here we are protecting our unity and integrity , maintaining our strong inner peace , whether we are rich is important in every aspect. Because the head jammed in the region fleeing towards Turkey. Per somehow trapped in the region Finds Hope in Turkey. That is why we have to be strong we . You can see the games being played with Kopani excuse what was attempted . These downloads need to adopt a common stance . The solution process is a process initiated by the government. This process will continue without compromising public order and security . Because the alternative is to climb the terrorist incident, is under threat of Turkey's national integrity. Is damaging the climate of inner peace and brotherhood . This is not an acceptable situation .'We killed each year not afford to let this issue so far managed Let'We can not live with such a deception . Every year billions of dollars there , but they continue yatıral bury . Come let it go I can not say that , we have to strengthen further our brotherhood , we have to protect our social unity . Here is a very great responsibility falls to you also that the solution process. We have to increase the stakeholders in this process , \"he said .

Akdoğan ; Masjid-i-Aqsa Attacks Against Hard Criticises Language" comments for.


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