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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:05

Akhisar Bayramlaşma

Akhisar Bayramlaşma
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On the occasion of Eid al-Adha holy picture in Akhisar Akhisar program was held in the Municipal Council Hall foyer .

Manisa news: Akhisar Governor K Well , the AK Party Manisa and the Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission Members Uğur Aydemir, Garrison Commander Colonel Engineer Coates Bumi , the Municipal President Salih Fast, Gendarmerie Komutanvekil lieutenant Erol Sakman , County Safety Manager Engin Pinar, representatives of political parties and civil society organizations attended the ceremony began at 14.00 . After being Bayramlaşma Akhisar was made holy by visiting nursing home residents, then County Police Department and the District Gendarmerie Command was holy .
Speaking ahead of Eid al-Adha programs Kaan Peker told the Governor ; \"Feast of the Sacrifice unity and solidarity in celebrating the joy we live.'s Day , of course, special occasions , unity, solidarity and cohesion during peak times. Today, at the same time empathy by making the poor , the poor delighted that patients are visited , social cohesion will peak the day. Nowadays, past and future the connection between providing a bridge at the same time . these values ​​to preserve the future to move again a day like today realize I would . All akhisarlı hemşehrilerimizin feast congratulate , health, peace of nice celebrations I wish, \"he said.
AK Party Manisa deputy Uğur Aydemir had done in a statement ; said:\"First of all Akhisar Manisa and our whole Islamic world , all humanity's Eid al-Adha congratulations. Hopefully many more celebrations together to enter the Almighty Allah to all of us bless . Bayramlaşma when it comes to our minds brotherhood , coming to share sounds . course this inside of the field is not filled Turkey today, we as a nation really from the past of our ancestors , we leave it to the beautiful customs and traditions today very nicely application proud of and we are happy . know our doors today in Syria and Iraq, we opened our doors . there who are victims of all people in our country we host , bite our we share. So holy in how we share we say today we are the best example to the whole world by showing them we apply . this powerful Turkey stems from . Turkey is now all facilities has mobilized the border we opened our doors , all the opportunities, we could save their lives from Turkey people embrace were hungry. Hopefully then we will continue to open . We are with these feelings grown men, we hope that our feelings , that we have learned this piece we hope our children in the best way we will leave . \"
Turkey today, which is a model of a country is describing Aydemir, said:\"Turkey today, behavior , movements of humanity with an understanding of all people in the world with open arms continues to be an example . We are opening our doors open to not only the Muslims , not only to the Turks opened our doors , we do not distinguish people from ethnic discrimination assistance is dependent on who is doing them all today we opened our doors and we share our bite . Of course, you can make countries with strong economies and politics of self-confidence that countries can do it. Turkey is no longer self-esteem and self-confidence have provided . Hopefully, this self-confidence with Turkey because of the hope that this powerful medium in our region, I hope this war is concluded as soon as possible . In peace and security in our region will try to provide hope for a peaceful life . You know, we had closed council permit . This permit also migrating our thoughts and only to ensure peace and security had a permit and I hope it will provide. I'm here once again stop the blood flowing , the flowing tears subside for all Muslims pray urge \"
Mayor Salih fast , the feast of the very important days and said \"these special days of old and new are blended old remembered that the new well construction is done in days . In this sense, our own values ​​should be kept alive during the holidays can be possible with more intense emotions . Negative developments in the world here, I hope this ends and I hope to turn into charity . Here akhisarlı our citizens , our nation , on the feast of the sacrifice of the whole Islamic world would wish to be good , \"he said .

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