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  • 01 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 12:34

Aksaray University is growing

Aksaray University is growing
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Aksaray University (ASU) in the main campus and the termination of the new structures campuses are home to a very social event.

ASÜ'de last year more than 70 conferences, seminars, symposiums, panel discussions and scientific activities, such as the convention, more than 100 of the social, cultural and sporting events held. All of these activities, more than 500 scholars, artists, journalists and athletes participated. ASU

Rector. Dr. Mustafa Acar, said in a statement on the subject, scientific, and cultural activities of the universities stated that the priority jobs. Acar, 2012-2013 academic year, the Presidency, as well as faculty and student communities ASÜ'de orchestrating the events, he said. Rector Acar, has stated the following statement:'the scientific and university, as well as the social and cultural activities, strive to make a college is more. ASU is a university considers the universal thinking and locale. On this occasion the local dynamics and potentials, including our activities are scientific. Agriculture, animal husbandry, rural development, tourism and entrepreneurship issues are of particular interest to determine the locale, and their participation in these activities provide Aksaraylıların. We strive to provide ideas and I would like to be spoken in our university."ASU President Acar, in terms of scientific and cultural events of the year left behind a successful new academic year, you still want to achieve something similar, he said. NUMBER OF EVENT

was 100 as well as scientific and cultural activities

need ASÜ'de held quite often. 2012-2013 of the university in the academic year, 70 percent of schools and the number of scientific activities organized by student associations, social, cultural, artistic and sporting events, while the number was 100.

Meet in the crowd of current scientific issues, poetry, books, novels and literature, health, sports, concerts and theater performances, thousands of students participated in various activities ranging from hundreds of distributed certification. Narratives of events and conferences, as well as in a day, it happened after many days of symposia and congresses.

current politics, mysticism, literature, and the new constitution, globalization, entrepreneurship, democracy, TUBITAK projects, social sciences, logistics, chemical, water, map, astronomy, space, personal development, different topics, such as history, by academics, students and experts told the participants. ASÜ'de second largest concert outside of scientific activities, 12 mini concert (student and amateur groups), four theater show, the first photo contest, Aksaray and ASU promotional event in 3 different cities, more than 50 students in urban and non-trip, 30 More than sports tournaments held in various fields.

organized, scientific, cultural, social and sporting events ASÜ'lü academics working in different universities, as well as more than 500 national and international scholars, artists, and athletes participated in writer-journalist.

Aksaray University is growing" comments for.


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