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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 15:18

Al wildflowers in the Council of State Yırca Related therefore reasoned judgment Announced

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Of Manisa Soma Yırca township Kolin Group of Companies wants to build thermal power plants he reasoned decision concerning the Council of State has reached the hands of lawyers .

Manisa news: Photo Greenpeace and Yire of decisions taken by unanimous Supreme 6. Office in the case which was filed by the villagers , not only to stop the hasty nationalization of the executive , ruled at the same time in the grove area in the Yırca not be installed in power plants planned by Kolin Group of Companies. The decision given by the State Council in accordance as well as recent legislation, can not be appealed to the execution decision also ruled . Photo Greenpeace and lawyers of the peasants Sea Day said in a statement on the decision , \"Apparently, the meaning of the reasons for the decision taken unanimously:can not be made for thermal power plants in the olive groves . this decision is final period of the olive trees Anatolia faced with various threats , mines , energy, industry , and it means protection against similar investments. the struggle of Yırcalı'nın , justified and was legitimate from the beginning . Sesia we've always tried to publicize , to take measures I've requested, but voice our failure to execute persistently heard and take measures liability was attributed to 6 thousand olive trees. the company Kolin and other coal investors can not simply cut olive trees , created by the impact of air pollution on health , until mining can not provide job security in different ways in Turkey, thousands of people's lives costing . Turkey needs to take measures to avoid experiencing the same thing in other areas , \"he said .
reasoned decision Photo Council of State , Yire by villagers for many years in the olive and olive themselves from that there are people working to transfer to the next generation Greenpeace law association of the decision by all kinds of all kinds of environment-related problems have given mentioning that contains the authorization to open administrative proceedings gave the following expressions:Photo \"the fact that olive areas which thermal power plant to be established, Regulation , which allows the power plant to be built in this area stay of execution of the provisions and the field goal Although it is not allowed to be used outside , taking a decision in the public interest for real estate and as the absence allows for the confiscation with haste road well, considering the alleged matters in which integrity and litigation petition created by olive groves , where the litigation license of the plaintiff's case at the time it was opened , and the allegations were found to be displaced in the opposite direction . Not be subject to planning with the aim of making a thermal power plant and also allowed to use for this purpose are not in the field, because there is no possibility under the legislation to go to the urgent expropriation way the decision is taken in the public interest , subject to litigation Ministers is unprecedented reliability in the law in the Board decision. For the reasons explained , occurs because the conditions provided for ministers to stop the rush impugned administrative act by the decision of the executive committee, it was decided unanimously. \"

Al wildflowers in the Council of State Yırca Related therefore reasoned judgment Announced" comments for.


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