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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 23:07

Albayrak:\"The arbitration decision that we see very unfair and unequal Verde \"

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Text Albayrak Besiktas Communications Officer , said that they refused to leave the public's objections to the arbitral tribunal for the punishment they received Gokhan Tore .

İstanbul news: Photo Spor Toto Super League week 9 of the Istanbul Başakşehir guest in winning the battle against Besiktas 2-1 . After Besiktas Communications Officer Fighting answered questions of the text Albayrak press. Because Photo Gokhan Tore's sentence arbitral tribunal Albayrak is reminiscent applications, \"after Emre's press conference judgment of the arbitration today we see very unfair and unequal . A decision that peers We want to be distributed evenly law because they see it as evidence. We leave it to the discretion that the general public . events like this will bring longer wish constantly , \"he said . Albayrak indicating that greeting a Photo Başakşehir Club , \"We're doing a return in the match we remain missing. Some of the individual errors can eat goals , but it took our team golden remove from that course 3 points today. Karim had made a very good output but was injured him so upset , \"he said . the Photo Press representatives of the questions about their play or in Başakşehir Stadium next match Albayrak, \"now There are no stats for the decisions we make . may be in another city. it will speak at the board meeting on Tuesday. Here we see that Basaksehir . Among these possibilities. Search for the national team very important to us in terms of improvement of our injured players , \"he replied.

Albayrak:\"The arbitration decision that we see very unfair and unequal Verde \"" comments for.


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