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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 11:23

Alcohol regulation begins next week!

Alcohol regulation begins next week!
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Night between the hours of 22:00 and 06:00 in the morning on September 9 begins ban on retail sale of alcoholic beverages

forbidden, market, buffet, includes grocery and dealers.

Under the new law, alcoholic beverages can be displayed in shop windows to be visible outside the enterprise perimeter. Alcoholic beverages, fast food restaurants, night clubs, bars and other places that can be consumed in the open without time limitation. However, sale of liquor for consumption outside the established boundaries can not be done. This arrangement of parks, gardens, coast and countryside weddings constitute a basis for restrictions on drinking of alcoholic beverages said.


sale of alcoholic beverages with the places, educational institutions and education centers, dormitories and houses of worship to be found between the distance of at least 100 meters. This condition is not to search for businesses in tourism certificate. Dormitories, health-care places, stadiums and sports halls, education and training institutions, bakeries, traditional coffee houses, gas stations, shops and restaurants of pinochle and bridge drinks can not be sold through the halls. The sale of liquor under the age of 18 will not work.


law prohibiting the advertising and promotion of alcoholic beverages, encouraging encouraging, campaigns, promotions and events brings the ban. Published in the series of TVs, movies and clips to include in alcoholic drinks incentive images. Turkish warnings be placed on the packaging indicates the damage of alcoholic beverages.

two-year prison sentence

traffic control 1:00 promil will be found to have consumed alcohol on up to 2 years imprisonment. 1:00 promil, 2 or 4 bottles of raki glass of beer is equivalent. Private cars, 0:50, 0:20 promil other vehicles if they are caused by a traffic accident on the rights of drunk drivers who apply the provisions of the Penal Code. Fine of two thousand üflemeyene whether the breathalyzer, driving licenses confiscated two years. The driver's seat is no longer non-içilemeyecek.

Alcohol regulation begins next week!" comments for.


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