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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:04

Alevi-Bektashi Sauda International Symposium Classics Occurred

Alevi-Bektashi Sauda International Symposium Classics Occurred
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\"Alevi-Bektashi Classic International Symposium\", Sakarya University was held at the Culture and Congress Centre.

Sakarya news: Photo Sakarya University , Turkey Religious Foundation and Culture, Language and History Institute Atatürk Cultural Center Presidency jointly organized between 8-9 November \"International Alevi-Bektashi Classical Symposium\"symposium , Sakarya University Culture and Congress Center conducted at . In the symposium, two days Alevi-Bektashi what is happening in the classical , the issue of representation of Alevism classic , published by the Religious, whether they are accepted by their Alevis and discussed many issues like this what can be printed as a supplement. In this context, some suggestions and theology in the symposium voiced solutions, history and literature as experts from different fields of academics, offering authors and Alevi dede communiqués , they carried out the negotiations. Photo Total SAI keynote speech at the symposium held seven sessions of Theology Dean of Faculty and Symposium Organizer Professor Dr. H. Mehmet Gunay, Turkey Religious Foundation Board of Trustees Chairman of the 2nd Mazhar information, Ataturk Cultural Center SAU Vice President and Vice-Chancellor Prof. Shaaban Abakan Dr. Mehmet Ali Yalcin, stating the importance of the symposium were found in hope to be instrumental in the move to no. Then he switched to the opening presentation. Photo Hacettepe University Faculty of Arts Department of History Prof. Dr. In his speech at the ahmet Yaşar Ocak program , \"One Faith, Worship , History and Memory Awareness as Alevi-Bektashi Classic:Overview and Problems\"made ​​a presentation with the title . The symposium's first session \"Historical Value of Classic and Role of Tradition Formation \", in the second session \"Detection and Representation of the Classic \", at the third session of \"Bat the Elements in Classic \", the fourth session of the \"Classic of the Prophet. The Prophet Perception and sectarian motives \"and in the fifth session \"Alevi-Bektashi in Classic rituals and Traditions \"Alevi-Bektashi were addressed under the general title of classics . at the end of the symposium , Prof. Photo Dr. Under the chairmanship of H. Mehmet Gunay, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Atala , Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ekinci , Prof. Dr. Abraham Bradley , Assoc. Dr. Hashim Hussein Shahin and an evaluation session with the participation of Dedekargınoğlu . Professor Gunay, Alevi-Bektashi of the classics in the field is a first symposium will shed light on the issue , he said the next operation.


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